If you weren’t aware that your email’s contents are constantly scrutinized. One method of securing your communications is to use an encrypted email service such as ProtonMail. ProtonMail uses encryption that is end-to-end along with other features to safeguard the messages that you send or receive.

The only ones who can have access to the email only you and the recipient. Even the provider can’t read them. This allows you to remain anonymous.

In the end How secure is ProtonMail? Do you require an account to start using it?

Thanks to my experience, I’ve conducted extensive tests and provided you with an unbiased review of ProtonMail. Check out the review to learn all you should be aware of the security-conscious email solution.

ProtonMail background information as well as funding

Before I get into this ProtonMail comprehensive review, let’s examine the history of ProtonMail. ProtonMail is a product from Proton Technologies AG, a Swiss-based business. The company’s founders are a group of scientists who were reunited during their time at CERN as they agreed on the importance of protecting the rights of citizens online. Thus, they came up with ProtonMail a user-friendly email service. service that is secured by end-to-end encryption.

ProtonMail receives funds from a variety of sources. In addition to the normal subscriptions of customers, ProtonMail got funds from the following ventures.

  • Indiegogo’s crowdfunding campaign raked in more than half one million dollars in 2014.
  • A $2 million loan from Charles River Ventures (CRV) in the year 2015
  • The EU has awarded EUR 2 million to the EU to create a range of services that are encrypted

ProtonMail pros and pros and


  • It is located in Switzerland which is a privacy-friendly country.
  • Zero-access and end-to-end encryption
  • Apps for both iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Web client that is open-source and encrypted algorithm
  • Support for domains with custom names


  • You must provide personal information to confirm the authenticity of new accounts.
  • Does not encode email subject lines
  • Packages that are expensive and unreliable

What exactly is ProtonMail perform?

One thing that makes ProtonMail above the rest is its complete encryption. This means that it scrambles your email contents to render it difficult to read. The recipient must make use of the right encryption key to read and decrypt the email message.

In addition, you can use ProtonMail for sending messages to recipients via other email programs securely. All you have to do is make a password that acts as an encryption key. On the other side of the fence will require a password to open and browse the contents.

ProtonMail major features

Short domain address

If you feel that the protonmail.com address isn’t long enough, you could reduce it. ProtonMail permits you to use your existing mailbox’s name but change your domain name. For instance, if your email address reads ruheni.mathenge@protonmail.com, you can make it shorter to ruheni.mathenge@pm.me.

Every recipient will receive your messages with the pm. my version. But, you can be able to respond pm.  It addresses this when you upgrade to premium plans.

Custom labels

A lot of email providers don’t care about the user experience. Organizing the mailbox is never easy. Some offer a folder option that allows you to group your mail. In addition to these folders, ProtonMail also offers customized labels to improve its versatility. You can include emails on labels without impacting your folder arrangement. As an example, removing labels from emails does not affect the rest of your folder.

Migration tools

In most cases, you’ll have to start over if you wish to switch from one service to another. Copying and pasting your contacts from one mailbox one at a time can be time-consuming and tedious. Yet, ProtonMail has an app that allows you to convert and transfer your contacts from other email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Free VPN

After you sign up with ProtonMail The service will also provide you with an unrestricted ProtonVPN. It will secure your connection in a way that nobody can get your information or track what you’re doing online. Once you’ve connected with a VPN it will VPN give you a brand new IP address which will ensure your privacy.

Two-factor authentication

In addition to the encryption that is end-to-end, ProtonMail provides two-factor authentication as an additional layer of security. This ensures that no unauthorized person will be able to access your account even if they are unable to access your account due to a password change. But, you must start by installing an authenticator program such as Google Authenticator to enable two-factor authentication to function.

Is ProtonMail safe?

With encryption that is end-to-end, ProtonMail is one of the safest email providers available. Furthermore, it’s located in Switzerland which does not provide any intelligence data to other countries.

There is also two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized login to the account. Combining these security features will guarantee that nobody can monitor your email or intercepts your communications. Here are a few options ProtonMail employs to keep you secure.


The encryption method is a great way to ensure that unauthorized individuals cannot gain access to your personal information via the Internet. ProtonMail secures your information throughout the entire communication process. Only the person who sent the email will be able to view the contents of the message.

In reality, the service stores your email in a secure form. This means that neither the programmers who develop your email can access any information that is in your inbox or outbox.

The greatest benefit is that you can utilize the encryption method even when you send emails outside of ProtonMail. All you need to do is provide an email that opens from the receiver’s side. But, they’ll only be able to unlock the message using the password you’ve provided them.

Supports PGP

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is an encryption feature that is commonly used in emails. While it’s a great method to secure your messages but the process is far more complicated to set manually. This is the reason ProtonMail comes with built-in PGP encryption making it simple to utilize the feature even if you’re an inexperienced user.

The PGP feature isn’t enabled by the default setting, so both you and your email receipt must activate it. Once the feature is activated for both parties, it’ll encrypt every email that you receive or send.

ProtonMail anonymity

Another amazing feature of ProtonMail is that it offers total anonymity. In reality, you don’t have to enter your details to create an account. Furthermore, it doesn’t record your IP address so it’s impossible to track you back.

Self-destructing messages

ProtonMail lets you set a timer for any email you wish to send. The email will be automatically deleted and disappear from the recipient’s email inbox after the specified time has passed. This feature can be used even if you send messages to recipients outside of ProtonMail.

Secure data centers

When you learn of the measures to protect its users ProtonMail has implemented It seems like something straight from the sci-fi genre. The company manages its servers in various secure locations throughout Switzerland. The second data center is situated in a bunker that is heavily secured beneath 1000m of granite rock.

In addition, Switzerland is the safest location to store data since it is not an official member of the 14-Eye Alliance. Its Federal Data Protection Ordinance (DPO) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) are two of the most secure protection laws around the globe. Therefore, you can be sure that no one will ever read your communications.

ProtonMail usability

ProtonMail is simple to establish an account using and simple to use. Below, we’ll go through the procedure along with the layout and mobile application to demonstrate how simple it is.

The process of setting up an account

The only thing you need to do to begin using ProtonMail is to visit the main site, select an option and follow the directions. The greatest part is that you do not need to enter your details to sign up for an account. This is intended to ensure your privacy.

Layout and design

In comparison to other email providers when compared to other email providers, in comparison to other email services, the ProtonMail layout is simple to navigate. The essential features like adding contacts, making an email, and opening drafts are accessible.

It displays new messages in bold, so you can distinguish them from ones that you’ve read before. Additionally, you can enable notification notifications for your phone device or desktop to be notified whenever an email arrives.

The free version allows users to create basic labels and folders. You can even color-code them to locate what you are seeking easily.

Mobile app

In addition to the user-friendly desktop client, ProtonMail also offers useful. Apps that work on Android or iOS devices. The Android app is highly rated and has been has been downloaded more than 1 million times on the Google Play Store with over 28,000 user reviews. I played with the app and discovered that it’s quick, smooth, and simple to use.


ProtonMail offers a calendar application as do many email services. However, ProtonCalendar differs from the others because it uses end-to-end encryption to protect your calendar. Amazingly, it shields everything from the event’s title description, the location, and the description. This means that no third parties (including ProtonMail) can view the details of your events.

ProtonMail performance

Despite the rigorous security measures implemented by ProtonMail however, the service is excellent. You can be able to send and receive emails without buffering or lags. In addition, downloading and uploading files is extremely speedy, based on the file size.

It’s difficult to determine whether it will begin to slow down after the accumulation of hundreds of emails. But, early indications suggest that the security enhancements don’t affect the performance of the system.

ProtonMail pricing

For the individual
Free1 user, 1 GB storage, 1 address, 150 messages per day, 3 folders/labels.0
Mail Plus1 user, 15GB storage, 10 email addresses, 1 custom domain, unlimited messages per day, unlimited folders/labels, auto-responder, unlimited custom filters, and support. €3.99/month 
Proton Unlimited1 user, 500 GB storage, 15 addresses, 3 custom domains, unlimited sending, unlimited folders/labels, unlimited custom filters, auto-responders, catch-all email, multi-user support, and email client support. €9.99/month 
Proton has plans to grow its business
Mail Essentials15 GB storage, 10 email addresses per user, 3 custom email domains, unlimited messages per day, unlimited folders, unlimited custom filters/labels, password-protected emails, auto-reply, catch-all email.€6.99 / per month
Business500 GB storage, 15 email addresses per user, unlimited messages per day, unlimited folders, password-protected emails, auto-reply, catch-all email.€10.99 / per month
Free plan

There’s no need to spend a fortune to transfer, read or securely save your emails. Instead, you could utilize ProtonMail at no cost and enjoy its sophisticated features. While it restricts the number of email messages you send per day, however, you’ll have complete security.

It is large. If it’s too much for your needs it is possible to upgrade to one of the more affordable packages.

ProtonMail plus

Instead of referring to it as a subscription fee ProtonMail calls it a donation. This helps ProtonMail continue to provide safe email service. No matter what ProtonMail describes it, you’ll have to make a payment on a monthly or an annual fee to access the best features.

However, the packages are affordable. The Plus package is priced at just EUR 4 a month and includes additional features over the basic version. For instance storage capacity along with the email limit per day increases. You’ll have 5GB of storage and you’ll be able to send or receive as many as 1000 email messages a day.

Furthermore, You can make as many email addresses, and use a domain name that you have created. Therefore, instead of registering to protonmail.com, you can customize your email according to your preferences. The program also provides an option of reaching out to support in case you encounter any difficulties.

ProtonMail visionary

ProtonMail Visionary has a bigger storage capacity, as well as additional features that can be useful for sending a lot of emails. It has a storage capacity of 20GB and lets you create up as many as 50 email aliases, and 10, domain-specific names. The best part is that there’s no limit to the number of email messages you can receive or send daily.

ProtonMail professional

If you’re in search of an email provider for your company, ProtonMail is an ideal choice with the Professional package. It allows you to create an individual domain for your company and can even create accounts for employees.

Things about ProtonMail we didn’t like

Since its inception on the 1st of July the year 2014, ProtonMail is growing at a steady pace and has added new features that enhance users’ experience. However, even the top email service is not without flaws.

Search function

The ProtonMail search function isn’t the most effective when compared with other email clients that search like Gmail. It’s still useful by allowing users to enter keywords, sender names, and even time. But the results you see may not be what want to see.

Customer support

It’s difficult to reach ProtonMail’s customer service, particularly for ProtonMail’s free versions. The FAQ section addresses a few of the most frequent issues, however, it may not be sufficient to solve all issues. In addition, you can also send an email to support@protonmail.com if you need a specific matter addressed. If upgrading to Professional or visionary packages, then you’ll receive priority assistance.

ProtonMail alternatives

While ProtonMail is among the top well-known safe email solution, you can find a few other reliable alternatives to pick from.


Fastmail guarantees to secure your information from being accessed by unauthorized people. The company also offers full transparency regarding the way it handles the data. However, Fastmail isn’t equipped with end-to-end encryption as ProtonMail therefore it is not completely secure.

Furthermore, it does not offer the option of a free trial and the cheapest plan costs $3 per month. This is the reason that makes ProtonMail an ideal choice.


Tutanota uses end-to-end encryption for emails, as well as subject lines, which makes it more secure than ProtonMail. There is also an unpaid version that is more spacious with up to 1GB of storage as opposed to ProtonMail’s 500MB.

But, ProtonMail allows you to alter certain features like import themes, setting up auto-responses, and so on. The two services are comparable in a variety of ways, however, I’d prefer ProtonMail due to the ease of setting up.

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Gmail is possibly the most popular email service available in the world. It offers decent security, however, it is not as secure as ProtonMail. As I’ve said several times that with the encryption at the end of the tunnel that is available, no one can read your email messages, except for the person who received them. Apart from accessing your data, Gmail shares the information with third-party companies, such as advertisers who can send you targeted ads.

However, the email service has a positive aspect. It’s controlled by Google and its mobile and desktop apps are simple to use. Furthermore, customer support is far superior. If you’re concerned about your security, ProtonMail is an excellent option.

Do I still need a VPN when using ProtonMail?

Based on the above data, ProtonMail is safer than other email services. However, it can secure the emails that you receive or send. It is the only method to make sure that your information is secure is to connect ProtonMail with a trusted VPN. expression and Nordvpn are among the top choices since they’re dedicated to providing absolute security for users.

Combining a secure email provider with the use of a VPN gives you an additional protection layer on your web-based activities. For example, ExpressVPN employs military-grade encryption to secure your entire connection and not just email. Additionally, it comes with an automated kill switch as well as DNS leak prevention to keep the leakage of your information. With the 30-day money-back assurance, you can try the service without risk.


Likely, the email provider you’re using doesn’t use end-to-end encryption. This is the reason that is what makes ProtonMail different from other email providers like Outlook as well as Gmail. In our ProtonMail review, the company provides more privacy and security for its customers.

I’d recommend ProtonMail because ProtonMail has a simple interface, is simple to operate, and has an end-to-end encryption system that you can trust. With this safe email service, you’ll be able to rest assured that nobody else than you and the person you’re emailing won’t be able to read your messages. It is, however, more secure to pair it with a reliable VPN service to safeguard your online data to the full.