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At AllPrivacyGuard, we are an independent website dedicated to ensuring your online safety. Honesty and transparency are fundamental values for us. While we are not a non-profit organization, we strive to generate revenue to cover our content and hosting expenses.

Our mission is to help users maintain their online security and privacy. We invest hours into comprehensive research, including accurate information, historical data, scientific studies, and user experiences, to provide reliable content.

We work with affiliate programs that provide resources to support our efforts in delivering free content to our readers. This means that we may earn affiliate fees when users make purchases on our affiliate partners’ websites through the links on our site. These fees come at no additional cost to you.

Our revenue primarily comes from these affiliate partnerships, where we receive finder’s commissions for referring users to services and products listed on AllPrivacyGuard.com.

How it works: When a user clicks on an affiliate link on our site and subsequently makes a purchase on the provider’s website, we may receive affiliate fees, known as finder’s commissions. All affiliate links on our site include “go” in the URL.

Affiliate partnerships: We have reviewed and continue to review various VPNs and privacy tools from different providers and companies. We establish affiliate partnerships based on our belief in the importance of internet privacy. However, we do not form alliances with providers solely for the purpose of earning affiliate commissions. We recommend content and products that we genuinely believe in after extensive testing and thorough consideration.

Our editorial standards remain strict, regardless of affiliations. Our recommendations and reviews are not influenced by these partnerships. Our editors only recommend security tools based on comprehensive comparisons and testing. AllPrivacyGuard adheres to rigorous editorial practices, maintaining independence in our assessments.

Whenever we establish an affiliate partnership with a vendor, we consistently update the list to disclose our current affiliate partners.

We appreciate your support! The affiliate fees we earn help us compensate our talented authors, experts, designers, and developers. If you appreciate our work, we would greatly appreciate your support. It won’t cost you anything extra, but the choice is entirely yours.

You are always our priority. If you decide to make a purchase through our affiliate links, it greatly assists us in continuing our excellent work.

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