• In the wake of the ban on Russian social media sites and platforms, Russians seek VPNs as an alternative to external information.
  • As a result, VPN search queries on Google trends, downloads on mobile app marketplaces and VPN usages have exploded.
  • Despite all this, Russia still hasn’t been in a position to take any tangible actions against VPNs in the country.

Millions of Russians currently use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) after President Putin’s widespread block of all external websites as well as social networks. In the aftermath of the Ukraine invasion by the Russian military, Russian Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin restricted access to more than 1,000 websites. This has led to a decrease in the number of people searching for a VPN for Russia It has increased. The reason for this was an article published on the 6th of May.

Top social media sites and platforms that the Russian Government has blocked

In the year 2019, Russia endorsed a law on the sovereign internet known as the “digital Iron Curtain.” According to the Kremlin President Putin has signed this law to protect Russia from outside intrusion and cyber-attacks. In turn, it allows the Russian government to exercise greater control over the internet.

After the Ukraine conflict, the Russian government shut down several websites and restricted certain ones, other platforms, such as Google unharmed. In the study more than fifty thousand websites were scrutinized with a specific focus on 1,457 of them were connected to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

From the list, Some of the platforms that are restricted to Russia’s government include: Russian State include

  • Meta’s Instagram and Facebook
  • Twitter
  • BBC News
  • Google News
  • Ukrayinska Pravda
  • Meduza.io
  • Voice of America
  • Chess.com
  • Amnesty International
  • NPR
  • Bild
  • Radio Free Liberty sites
  • And Interfax-Ukraine

VPN use in Russia increases

The ban on these platforms and websites intensified as the use of VPNs in Russia increased dramatically. Additionally, reports indicate that as of March 5, the use of VPNs within Russia was up by 10,000 percent following when the restriction on Instagram began. The information was provided to AtlasVPN.

Their report indicated that in the wake of the Instagram ban the search term VPNs reached an all-time-high result within a month.

A search engine for VPNs started on February 25 and continued until March 12 when it recorded record-breaking searches. This led to the number of VPNs that were installed through apps like the Google Play Store and Apple’s Store, App Store as well as the Google Play Store in Russia increased by more than 11253% over the average frequency. However, there are plenty of top VPNs like ExpressVPN or NordVPN that aren’t blocked in Russia and are still working fine.

Meta executives’ reaction to the ban placed on their platforms

Following the suspension of Instagram Meta, a few of the company’s executives expressed their opinions regarding the ban to the general public. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram announced on 12 12 March 2022 that more than eight million Russians as well as Russian residents will be shut off from the world. The majority of Russian Instagram users have a minimum of one Instagram account that is not in Russia.

What makes VPN usage a must for Internet users in the present?

In light of the increasing level of security and the lack of privacy online it is clear that there is a requirement for a VPN. Look over the benefits of an effective VPN now!

You can disguise your location

The main benefit of using a VPN VPN can be that it conceals the IP address of your address and substitutes it with a remote location. By using a VPN it is possible to use the VPN location spoofing feature to change the location of your country to a variety of others. Furthermore, since your IP address can identify your location, you’ll be in a position to surf the web without being traced by switching to a different server.

Robust encryption

An encryption key allows you to read and write data quickly. But, if the encryption key isn’t accessible, it will be nearly impossible for computers to use brute force for deciphering. With VPN, you can be sure that your data is secure. VPN, all your online activities will be kept private and your internet browsing private.

Geo-restriction bypass

Some websites and online platforms enforce geographical/regional restrictions. This is a problem that can be found in some countries or even in a portion of a nation and its users. However, with the VPN you can switch your server’s location to another region or country within a specific country and use the social media platform and website without problems.