• ProtonMail is a web-based email platform providing secure email services to its customers.
  • The platform is being upgraded with a fresh look which improves user experience and eases access to additional services.
  • The awareness of privacy is growing as does the need for privacy-focused services like Proton’s email service.

Protonmail is an extremely secure email service that is based in Switzerland that provides full encryption for its users. Furthermore, the messages among the platform’s growing users are secured from beginning to end to ensure you can be sure that even the software is unable to detect the messages. Protonmail’s owner believes providing users with the option of encrypted emails is a public good. The fact that it’s located in Switzerland is another plus since the country’s alpine climate is a great place to protect privacy and security.

Protonmail has a fresh look. The design of the website has been refreshed. The new features added include a more clean, user-friendly interface, greater customization as well as many contrast and dark themes. In addition, with the latest version, ProtonMail V4 it has enhanced access to other services besides secure emails, including cloud storage as well as a VPN and an online calendar.

It has been in existence since 2007. The site has reached the milestone of 50 million users. Privacy awareness and adoption have been advancing significantly over the last seven years. Usability has significantly improved and adoption has been increasing.

It is a Swiss email service that seeks to make privacy-focused emailing of high-quality accessible to all. PGP is an example. It is an encryption technique you can utilize using your regular email client (say Thunderbird, for example). However, the installation and use require a certain level of knowledge that is beyond the typical email user.

ProtonMail incorporates PGP from the beginning because it’s fully integrated. Thus, the complete encryption gold standard is available for each Protonmail user, without the need to install additional software or modifying.

With the power of the service, it’s a shame that the new interface is simple and a bit slick. However, an attractive interface could increase the appeal of those who prefer a private email service, and an environment that makes them feel comfortable with it.

Proton is working on the development of a complete encrypted ecosystem. A set of productivity tools where all of your actions are encrypted is now accessible and is being promoted to webmail users.

The reason Proton is able to afford freemium
ProtonMail is a freemium product (there is a no-cost service however the best features are available only to those who choose to pay for the service.) Privacy-conscious people hate freemium services. However, Proton has devoted years to security engineering for privacy, and that’s the reason it can provide a freemium service that the market can accept.

One of the most exciting features in the web application can be found in the application switcher, which lets users quickly switch between different services, including Proton Calendar and Proton Driver (a cloud-based service that comes with E2E encryption that is still in the Beta stage).

This feature is sure to allow several Proton users to explore Proton’s full potential since many are only aware of an email program.

Proton also provides a VPN service. However, the VPN’s structure is different from other services offered by the company. Therefore, should you be interested, it is best to go through the small print so that you know whether the Proton VPN will work appropriate for you, and if it’s in line with the high-quality standards that Proton fans have been accustomed to from their services.

Other changes to the brand-new ProtonMail user interface are new keyboard shortcuts which make checking messages easier as well as applying filters and sorting much faster.

The platform comes with An Import Assistant. The feature was launched last November, after having passed the beta stage. The assistant allows new users to move their messages over from their old webmail service, which in turn, facilitates ProtonMail adoption.

The infractions to privacy that have been committed through Facebook as well as other giants of technology over the past few years have raised consciousness about privacy online which has accelerated the acceptance of privacy technologies. Fortunately, accessibility and usability have kept up with the growing public demand and any person who is looking to adopt encryption for email is able to do so.

It appears that the company behind ProtonMail, Proton, is very well placed to profit from the growing privacy concern.