VPN Planet,  Previously, it was known previously as RUSVPN It was established in the year 2017, when it was founded. The company’s headquarters are in Romania and has an international workforce from various nations that include Egypt, Russia, Turkey, and Spain.

While its title, RUSVPN, could have implied a connection to Russia it was a reference to Reliable and Unlimitable, Secure. Since 2022 the VPN was operating under the name of Planet VPN.

The VPN provider needed more detailed web data. But the company has made advancements in this respect. But the claim that it is ” the fastest and most secure VPN service” is not substantiated.

If you’d like to know more details about Planet VPN take a look at this review, which is our own firsthand experience of Planet VPN.

Planet VPN: General panorama

Easy software to set upVariable speeds 
Kill switch availableTorrenting is slow
No browsing logs English only software 
Friendly and intuitive appCustomer service is not 24/7 
Freemium browser extension and app Doesn’t unblock Netflix USA.
Suitable for gaming. Few additional options

We tried Planet VPN’s Windows and Android applications as well as its browser extensions. The clients and extensions (or applications) were well-organized and user-friendly.

Additionally, in terms of price, Planet VPN proves to be an inexpensive VPN solution (we will go into pricing details in the future) particularly when compared with CyberGhost or Surfshark.

When it comes to aspects like speed and security Planet VPN has to enhance its performance when compared to its top competitors in this field. There is certainly a lot of room to make improvements in these areas.

Planet VPN speed review

Planet VPN’s distant servers performed poorly compared to the close-by servers. One important aspect to think about when selecting a VPN is the speed at which it operates. This impacts the majority of your everyday usage such as streaming, browsing games, downloading, and browsing online. Some of the most important aspects of speed include:

  • Speed of download is usually expressed in terms of Mbps. It is the speed at which you get information from an online server.
  • Speed of upload is similar to the speed of download the upload speeds are measured using Mbps. It is the measure of how much traffic you transmit on the internet.
  • Pingis the method used to determine how accessible a host is. It’s an important factor for games and is measured in milliseconds.
Local speeds

We first compared our initial speed to the speed of the nearby Planet VPN server. It is common to experience a performance reduction when connecting to a VPN because of the additional distance that data has to travel to get to the server and also your encryption as well as the encryption process.

However, if you use a top VPN the differences will be barely visible. To get the best speed of connection for local web browsing it is recommended to connect to an internet server that is close to your current location is recommended. When connecting Planet VPN, our base speed in the UK was 359.85 Mbps for downloads as well as 234.60 Mbps when uploading with the ping being 24 milliseconds.

Our test began with a London server with a download speed that was cut by just 15 percent, which is remarkable. We didn’t observe any significant difference even when we were doing intensive activities that require data such as streaming or gaming.

We performed a variety of Google queries and viewed the status of our Facebook notifications to assess the speed of our browsing. The websites loaded fast as if we were not using a VPN. When we switched to the second closest server located in Dublin, Ireland, speed dropped by just 27 percent.

But, long-distance locations such as Australia affected my speed by 88 percent. Although all VPNs are bound to slow your connection this was among the biggest speed drops we’ve experienced. Because we began with high-speed base connections, we were able to continue to surf the web when using Planet VPN. If you’re using an average or a slow connection, it may become difficult to stream videos or browse at all.

Does Planet VPN fast enough for gaming?

The servers that were close to us, Planet VPN had decent ping speeds and gave us a satisfactory playing experience. However, it is crucial to remember that playing online competitive games on distant servers could dramatically increase the ping. To maximize gaming performance the majority of gamers want to have a ping of less than 30 milliseconds. However, due to the distant servers provided through Planet VPN, you are likely to experience high delays that can affect the smoothness of your gameplay. If you plan to utilize Planet VPN on consoles like Xbox, Playstation, or others you can enable the VPN on your router.

This configuration will ensure that all devices that connect to your WiFi network are transferred through the VPN. In addition to providing privacy and security it also offers security against DoS attacks and other harmful cyber threats that target gaming environments.

Daily usage speed performance

When it comes to daily use the results show the Planet VPN’s boasts about its speed are not true. As we expected, our connection was inconsistent, regardless of whether we used remote or local servers.

The simultaneous opening of multiple websites led to massive delays, which makes Planet VPN unsuitable for people who like to browse with different tabs. For reliable rates of transfer, we suggest using a service such as Surfshark.

On the bright side, Planet VPN exceeded expectations in regards to streaming. Connecting to the closest server allowed smooth streaming of YouTube videos without buffering streaming Netflix was effortless and seamless.

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that this provider has had a minimal influence on our gaming and there were no major interruptions. But, because of the lack of reliability of their speeds, it is crucial to be aware that the most demanding games can be slowed down by significant delays.

Safety and security of Planet VPN

The protection of privacy and security is crucial when it comes to choosing the use of a VPN. Many people seek VPN service providers to alter their IP addresses and improve the encryption of online activity. So, we rigorously test the security features of a VPN for a complete review that includes Planet VPN.

Planet VPN says it is the ” most secure VPN service.” However, the safety features of Planet VPN need to be enhanced compared to the premium providers such as ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access. In addition to the death switch Planet VPN lacks additional options such as ad blockers.

We do give the safety factor a 7.5 from 10. These are our conclusions:

  • Planet VPN utilizes OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP, as well as L2TP/IPSec protocols.
  • Security features are comparatively basic, and there are little to no alternatives other than that kill button.
  • Logs from browsers aren’t stored However, connections logs are saved.
  • The account creation process only requires an email address and a password.
  • Anonymous account purchases are possible via Bitcoin payment.

During our earlier testing, we found that the information about protocols was restricted in the case of a provider referred to as RUSVPN. OpenVPN was the standard protocol, as per the agents of the provider.

The website is currently stating the following: Planet VPN employs OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols. Additionally, it can support PPTP as well as L2TP/IPSec. The Windows application permits the manual selection of protocols.

(Refer to the VPN protocol section for a greater understanding of these protocols.)

In the past, we had problems in which our real-time location was exposed. However, it appears that the website has now proclaimed the existence of integrated DNS leak and IP protection, marking an improvement in this respect.

Kill switch

Planet VPN has a reliable kill switch feature. The kill switch is an essential feature available to all main VPN services. Without it, there’s an opportunity for data exposure during a loss of connection. Planet VPN protects against such risks by providing a kill switch that will stop the Internet traffic on the VPN disconnect.

IP, DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks

Planet VPN protected our IP address as well as DNS requests. When we connected to the UK server the leak-detecting software confirmed that the address of our IP appeared to be in the UK however my DNS account showed an alternative address in Czechia. But, there were no clues to my physical place of residence. For the leak test, they generally examine the vulnerable areas:

  • IP leaks These leaks could reveal your location, which makes you vulnerable to a variety of cyber-attacks.
  • DNS leaks The leaks could be a threat to your privacy online since they could be accessed.
  • WebRTC The term is a peer-to-peer connection between the browser you use and websites you browse, which when not properly secured could accidentally expose the IP address of your computer.
  • IPv6 Data could not flow through the encrypted tunnel, creating an extreme security risk. A lot of VPNs block IPv6 completely to reduce the security risk.

Planet VPN demonstrated a secure performance across the four categories without leaks. It will also secure your information to ensure that you are secure online.


Planet VPN insists on its terms and conditions and assures you that they will that your information will not be misused. Before using any VPN, it is crucial to be sure to thoroughly study their policies to make sure that your information isn’t in danger of being sold to third-party advertisers or other companies. Although it’s a given that we don’t recommend the use of VPNs for illegal purposes, it is important to be aware of their policies. VPN to serve illegal purposes however it’s reassuring knowing that personal information will not be transferred to anyone else.


As for the location, Planet VPN is based in Romania and is out of reach which is the responsibility of 5/9/14 Eyes Alliances. These alliances require governments to share data about their citizens. This creates confidence in the alliance and shows the fact that Planet VPN is unlikely to be forced to keep and transfer your data shortly.

Planet VPN no-logs policy

A notable aspect of the policy of Planet VPN is that it doesn’t keep the logs of users’ activities. Their policy’s transparency states that the VPN does not keep any of your personal information. However, it states the legal team can contact you if copyright-infringing content is downloaded. VPN providers generally follow this approach.

Again, it’s crucial to stress that we are not a supporter of illegal downloads. So long as you’re using the VPN legally and legally, this shouldn’t cause any problems. Although it’s not stated the extent to which Planet VPN has undergone independent security audits, it will help to increase confidence in the company that handles your internet traffic. It’s reassuring to see this done through Planet VPN. Even with this little issue, their policies remain solid and reliable.

Information required by Planet VPN

Planet VPN only requests only a small amount of personal information in the process of creating an account. However the email address is required to confirm the account, and choosing a password is required to sign in to your VPN application.

The use of an encryption-encrypted email program can increase your security as well as a strong password.

When you purchase an account, payment information must be provided. But, paying with Bitcoin ensures complete anonymity when acquiring access to the VPN services.

If you opt to pay with a debit or credit card Decta Ltd. is the one to take care of. They can get your information however, Planet VPN will not retain the information.

Planet VPN user experience review

Planet VPN’s user-friendliness permits two views. On the one hand, it is easy to use, and easy to use which we think is admirable. On the other hand, it does not have certain features that are offered by other VPN providers.

In the end, you may have better alternatives for VPN users. In the end, we rate Planet VPN’s user-friendliness at 7/10 by taking into account the following aspects:

  • While there are some technical issues, the user interface is simple, clean, and simple for users to operate.
  • Its procedure of installation is simple and simple.
  • Planet VPN offers competitive pricing and is particularly attractive with its commitment of three years.
  • There are several payment options offered, including crypto.
  • The service includes a no-cost app along with a browser extension that works with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
Installation process and website

In terms of layout, Planet VPN’s homepage is similar to similar VPN web pages. It gives a brief overview of server locations, different plans, and prices, as well as information about features, along with a comprehensive list of VPN advantages.

We need assistance with the clarity of the information. The service provider should distinguish between the benefits that only apply to their service, as well as those that apply to all VPNs. The marketing strategy combines the public VPN advantages without highlighting the distinct features that distinguish Planet VPN from its competitors. This means it becomes difficult for users to identify the distinct features that are offered by Planet VPN.

The site is prone to technical issues. Although it claims support for more than 10 languages, it’s not yet able to offer appropriate translations for its various subpages. The site is likely working (or is working) on constructing the subpages to be translated into more languages.

Although this could be an issue for many users, it is a signal of the areas that need improvement in Planet VPN. The application and the browser extension are made available in English.

Setting up the VPN however, on the contrary, is an easy and quick procedure. The steps below will help you set up Planet VPN:

  • Go to the Planet VPN website.
  • Scroll down until you reach the ” Get all the advantages” option underneath”Premium” under the ” Premium” tab.
  • Select your plan and provide your email address and select a payment option.
  • Verify your transaction by sending an email and redirecting users to the profile page.
  • Find the right application for your device by clicking on”Download” in the ” Download” tab.
  • The installation files are available for download then if required restart your computer.
  • Sign in using your email address and password.
  • Simply click on the server you’d like to use to select a server.
  • That’s it! You’re now in a position to access the internet with the help of Planet VPN.
Planet VPN’s interface and user-friendliness

Planet VPN presents an easy-to-use and intuitive application with a focus on user-friendliness. While it does not have the sophisticated features that rivals offer but the core elements are organized and easy to access.

The app comes with a small window that grows upon request. In this window, you can select the desired VPN server, locate the button marked as on/off and turn on killing switch features. In addition, you can select the encryption protocol you want to use.

For additional convenience, Planet VPN provides browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Although the extensions are technically free however, their complimentary version can be restricted to a handful of servers located in five locations which include Canada and the Czech Republic, the Netherlands in addition to the United Kingdom.

If you’re a premium subscriber, this browser extension gives you full access to the servers.

Planet VPN is a user-friendly application that offers you the best experience. It’s simple and easy to use which makes it enjoyable and user-friendly. The functions are well-organized and include essential elements as well as a compact window. It also provides extensions for browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox, however, the free versions are not as extensive in capabilities. To fully utilize their capabilities you should consider purchasing upgrading to the higher-end version.


The installation of the desktop application to Planet VPN is incredibly simple. All you have to do is go to the website to download the proper .exe file. After the download is completed it is possible to run the program and adhere to some easy steps. Then you’ll be ready to connect to the VPN with its free edition or log into an account that is paid.

Both Windows, as well as Mac applications, are created to be easy to use. You’ll be able to pick the best server and effortlessly establish a connection, while the main screen shows the status of your connection. If you need to disable or turn on the kill switch feature It’s easily in the settings menu. You can access it with one click. In the settings of the app, you can choose your preferred connection protocol which we strongly recommend OpenVPN.

It gives easy and thorough guidelines for installing and using OpenVPN. Importing the individual server configuration files can seem daunting However, Planet VPN’s guide to installation greatly simplifies the procedure, making it simpler to follow. The guide is also helpful in importing seamlessly the server configuration files to the application.

The VPN is widely considered to be the securest VPN protocol since its code can be described as freely available. This means it is constantly under surveillance and examination by other third parties. If vulnerabilities are found the vulnerabilities are immediately addressed and upgraded.

Android and iOS

Its Android as well as iOS Planet VPN applications are both user-friendly. The app we downloaded was this Android version from Google Play Store, and it was running in a matter of seconds. It’s important to note that an unpaid version of this app is also available to download.

In the app’s navigation, we had no problem getting the kill switch feature in the settings, as well as an auto-connect feature. This handy feature removes the requirement to choose the same server on multiple occasions. It is important to note that mobile apps don’t offer options for protocols. The app instead, the app automatically changes certain settings of connection in the protocols of your device.

In addition, you’ll be able to also find server recommendations in the application to aid in narrowing the options. Its iOS version is stylish and user-friendly but it’s somewhat unclear about the security level it offers. In our examination of the app’s specifications before downloading, we didn’t locate any specific information regarding the security measures it employs. The description states that it uses strong encryption. After installing the app, we found it easy to find other security features, like the auto-connect feature and the kill switch.

We found it extremely helpful that the app can connect to your previously chosen location. This feature instantly connected our device directly to our UK server, which allows for more speedy web browsing. This feature can be enabled by a single tap on the setting menu which makes it a very user-friendly selection.

With the auto-connect feature, the automatic kill switch on networks, and the last-used location feature VPN’s iOS application is very safe and user-friendly.


Planet VPN Planet VPN offers free Google Chrome along with a Mozilla browser extension. The user experience is comparable to apps, but keep in mind that these extensions just offer a proxy configuration. In the end, although you’ll get basic security features There aren’t many alternatives to personalize your security. For instance, features like the kill switch or the ability to modify security protocols aren’t available in Chrome. Chrome extensions.

This limitation is common to proxy VPN extensions. The main purpose of these extensions is to hide the IP addresses of web pages you access, providing anonymity while also allowing access to content restricted to the geo-location of your choice. Although advanced features like the kill switch might not be accessible it’s crucial to know that this is the norm when it comes to VPN extensions.

Simultaneous device connections- Up to 10

Planet VPN allows the use of up to 10 concurrent connections to devices. We tried this feature on various of our devices, including desktops, laptops smartphones, tablets, and a smart TV. All were connected to various servers, and no one behaved in a way that was not expected.

Additionally, even after connecting to various machines, Planet VPN’s speeds maintained their high levels. Planet VPN lived up to expectations.

Pricing and payment options

Planet VPN does not offer free access to its services. Instead, it uses the “freemium” system, in which access to the full service requires a subscription.

This basic plan is accessible in Chrome Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Firefox however, it limits your server’s network by five nations. To gain access to other features, a monthly fee is necessary.

A variety of subscription options are offered at different prices. For instance, a one-month subscription costs $9.99 for a year, while an annual subscription costs $3.99 per month. The most affordable option is a three-year subscription that costs $1.99 per month.

Planet VPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for its one-year and three-year membership plans. However, in the case of monthly subscribers that are monthly plan subscribers, the refund policy can be claimed for the initial 14-day period. The subscriber must be able to justify why they want to cancel the subscription to get the refund.

Accepted payment options include credit cards, as well as Bitcoin.

Customer support

Reaching out to Planet VPN customer service is easy. Live chat is accessible on the site however it is only available for premium customers. The response time can vary and suggests live chat representatives are not available 24/7. But, when they are live, they usually react within minutes.

Support is also able to respond via email, and will respond within 24 hours. According to our experience, the follow-up email received the response within a matter of hours. It’s important to note that certain employees may not have the best English proficiency and this can cause responses to appear as brusque or unintentionally rude and cause a communication gap. The majority of support staff are proficient.

Server network

The size of the VPN service’s servers plays a significant aspect in the flexibility of its services. A larger network allows easier access to content that is geo-restricted and minimizes the risk of servers being overcrowded.

Planet VPN’s server network is 7/10 according to the following elements:

  • Users can select their preferred server’s place but not necessarily the server.
  • Planet VPN does not provide dedicated IPaddresses.
Locations and servers
EuropeBelgium, Belarus, Czech Republic, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Egypt, Germany, France, Finland, Italy, Greece, Latvia, Netherlands, Moldavia, Ukraine, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Spain, Russia, United Kingdom, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Lithuania 
South AmericaBrazil, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia
North AmericaUnited States, Canada
Middle EastUnited Arab Emirates, Israel
AsiaJapan, Indonesia, China, Singapore
AfricaSouth Africa
Oceania Australia

Based on the information available on their site, Planet VPN states that they operate a network of more than 1,200 servers spread across 50plus countries. However, the past has demonstrated that such claims may be deceiving.

In the past, for instance, during testing, the service stated that they had 350 servers however, there were only 53 servers available. When we asked about this, customer service informed us that 300 servers were in the process of being tested.

It is difficult to verify independently the truthfulness claims of Planet VPN being able to host 1.2k Nodes however, this seems to be an empty claim. The application does not permit users to choose specific servers, just the location they want to visit.

Although Planet VPN boasts a vast server network, having a greater range of servers can be beneficial when you want to unlock content. We recommend using providers such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN rather than.

Does Planet VPN work in China? Yes

Our team contacted the customer support of Planet VPN They assured us that their service was in sync with China. This is an impressive aspect as many VPNs do not have this feature, indicating Planet VPN’s superior security level. If you are planning to travel to China then this VPN is an ideal option.

However, it’s essential to download the applications prior to your arrival as they might not be accessible to download within China. China has several VPNs. The Chinese government has put restrictions on many VPNs however, they have focused on specific technologies. There are no reports of instances of people facing penalties due to engaging in VPNs from China.

A dedicated IP address

Unfortunately, Planet VPN isn’t equipped with designated IP servers. In some situations the use of an individual server could be advantageous, considering that numerous websites and apps like Netflix are actively fighting VPN use.

Additionally, when you have an IP that is dedicated is more difficult for servers to learn about VPN use, which reduces the chance that they will be blocked.

Does PlanetVPN allow streaming?

Planet VPN struggles to bypass geo-blocks for various streaming platforms, like Disney+. But it was able to bypass the restrictions in a few instances, allowing us to stream HD streaming without buffering problems.

We can’t without hesitation recommend this service for streaming even if you just want to watch Netflix however, since other VPNs provide access to a wider range of locations and provide more efficient performance.


Concerning the ability to unblock content We were happy to discover the Planet VPN effectively worked with Netflix US, granting us access to a wider range of content.

Despite being in the same geographical area We experienced fast video loading times of just 6 seconds. It’s important to note that France along with the Canadian servers are also able to access Netflix on certain servers.

However, servers in other countries such as Australia were unable to access the site. When we tried to contact customer service to identify the best server for Netflix, the live chat option was not available..

Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer

Our test revealed that Planet VPN couldn’t unblock some streaming services. A lot of them showed an error message declaring that they stopped the connection to the proxy. In some instances, we could not even load the sites correctly. For instance, the library was accessible in the case of trying to connect to BBC iPlayer, but the video was not playing. We also couldn’t access the Hulu or Disney+ menus. Both platforms immediately discovered the VPN and put in place restrictions that impeded access.

In the same way, Amazon Prime Video was also able to block the VPN. Due to Amazon Prime Video’s reputation as a difficult blocker so we weren’t too at all surprised by the result. It’s important to note that being able to access certain websites like Wikipedia, Reddit, Instagram, Vkontakte, and LinkedIn using Planet VPN.

Does Planet VPN support torrenting

Planet VPN offers hints of supporting torrenting. The VPN suggests that if you’re not infringing copyright the torrenting shouldn’t pose an issue. But, torrenting is illegal in many areas. This is why Planet VPN recommends that you learn about the different laws in each jurisdiction to avoid costs or prison time. However, with Planet VPN, you don’t need to be concerned about cyber security threats caused by torrenting. It comes with top security options, including the shut-off switch and robust encryption to safeguard your connection and your data.

Comparison analysis and recommendations

Planet VPN needs more features and overall performance than other VPNs within their price category like Surfshark as well as CyberGhost. Although its streaming and browsing speeds are acceptable they’re not as stable. In addition, Planet VPN’s privacy, as well as security measures, aren’t as robust as those of its competitors.

Based on these reasons, we suggest exploring other options as well as our list of the top VPN providers can help you choose greater VPN choices.