• Novator Partners, a private equity firm, was the lead in this Nord Security funding round, which raised $100 million.
  • Co-founder Tom Okman disclosed that the funds were earmarked to accelerate the growth of the business following 10 years of operating.
  • Nord offers a range of privacy and security solutions like NordVPN, NordLocker, NordPass, and NordLayer.

Nord Security, a leading security and privacy company on the internet has raised $100 million in its first-ever capital raise. Nord Security has been operating since 2012 in Vilnius, Lithuania, and has seen significant growth. Today, it’s considered to be one of the most prestigious technology businesses in Vilnius. In addition, they are the proprietor’s of NordVPN A well-known internet security application for savvy internet users.
In a discussion about the motives behind the investment round, Tom Okman explained that the company is aiming to speed its growth. A lot of investors are willing to assist in their efforts to build a safer and more secure internet.

Additionally, Okman stated the company’s delight in joining other tech firms in Lithuania to help Lithuania’s technological advancement.

Top investors are in support of Nord’s vision

A large number of investors who are adamant about the mission which is the vision of Nord Company supported the funding round. This support was strong in the round of funding which was led by Novator Partners, a private equity firm. Other individuals and companies that participated in the event included General Catalyst, Wolt’s Miki Kuuso as well as Burda Principal Investments. Others present include Automatic’s Matt Mullenweg, Supercell’s Akka Paananen, etc. This is the first event in 10 years of operation.

This round of funding has led to an agreement to partner with Nord Company. The company will now work together with Novator Partners to push its idea. To complete the transaction the director of the company Birgir Mar Ragnarsson from Novator will be a member of the board of directors of Nord Company.

As per Birgir Mar Ragnarsson, the business needs to be able to use different methods to meet the requirements of today’s internet security. Ragnarsson believes that the present era is more prone to cyber threats, risks, and too many rules regarding the use of the internet. Therefore, Nord can boost internet security by utilizing powerful security and privacy tools to safeguard networks, data, and accounts.

Additionally, Ragnarsson observed that Nord Company has demonstrated a reliable and unrivaled track record in online security. In addition, it has made a point of ensuring that customers are satisfied which is why Novator is determined to assist their efforts to further expand the goals.

Nord’s journey to this point

Nord has seen significant expansion since its launch at the end of 2012. It is the source in the background of one of the most popular VPN solutions in the market-NordVPN. Alongside NordVPN it also offers several products, including NordLocker, NordPass, and NordLayer.

NordVPN assures that Internet users remain private while surfing the Internet. WordPress is an automated password manager that records and assigns passwords to users’ accounts. Additionally, NordLayer is a service designed to provide network access to firms.

In addition to these services, Nord Company provides developers tools to build customized VPNs. Regarding Nord’s staff, the company has more than 1700 employees who are working to meet its objectives each day. They also plan to hire 200 additional employees for the business.

Nord has earned the name NordVPN because it is among the modern’s most popular VPN services. It has greater than 15 million users who use its services and recently joined together with Surfshark VPN to better serve the customers more effectively.

Why privacy-conscious individuals enjoy NordVPN

One method to avoid being on the web’s radar is by using a solid VPN. This tool gives you a secure and private surfing experience on the internet. It hides your IP address and displays it as its address to confuse anyone who tracks your location.

With the top VPN service, like NordVPN the internet data will be encrypted to block access by hackers or third parties. It also gives users access to content that is geo-restricted by having a specific IP address, no matter where you are located in the world.

NordVPN gives these advantages and many more. This is why it has become extremely popular with internet users and investors.