• The Microsoft browser Edge is slated to get an enhancement dubbed “Edge Secure Network.”
  • Users can use the secure network as well as 1GB of monthly free data once they sign in to the Microsoft Accounts.
  • Edge Secure Network will protect users from hackers or monitoring, theft of data monitoring, and exploits that can be found online.

Several privacy-focused web browsers are available and it appears that the Microsoft Brave browser is soon being added to the list. The company is planning to enhance the security of the browser using the most reliable VPN operated by Cloudflare.
Microsoft refers to the function as ” Edge Secure Network” and it will provide an additional layer of protection on the web browser. The feature will make sure that privacy-threatening advertisements and tracking are no longer present on the web browser. Additionally, by blocking these ads, websites can load faster, conserving battery power, time, and also money for users.

At present, nobody is sure exactly when it’ll be launched fully. However, one certain thing is that users will be able to access the feature by using their Microsoft Accounts. The feature will provide 1GB of data for free to Brave users through their Microsoft account each month.

The innovative new feature offers additional security

As per the technology firm users will be able to enjoy more security after the feature goes live on Brave. The ESN will be able to secure the users’ connections to the internet, by routing their information through a secure tunnel. This is the function of VPNs and, since they are integrated into Brave the users will be able to perform their tasks using an encrypted connection. Additionally to this, the level of encryption can protect users even if they’re at a site that isn’t secure.

Additionally, hackers are unable to longer gain access to users’ browsing information even when they use wireless networks that are not secured. This is because of the encryption, as well as Cloudflare’s policy of deleting data every 25 hours. One benefit of this option is that cloud providers can’t gather your personal information while you browse the internet.

Another benefit of Brave is security against the tracking of online activities. Sometimes tracking can be used to build digital profiles and to send targeted advertisements to users. However, with this new feature available on Edge your IP will be hidden and an alternative one will be shown instead. This will alter your location to confuse online trackers.

Sometimes, even government agencies monitor their citizens’ online activities. Apart from securing users from third-party data sellers, Edge Secure Network will hide the location of users from any unauthorized surveillance.

Although the feature is still to be launched, customers can anticipate the feature. All you require is a Microsoft Account. The account is essential to keep track of users’ consumption of data and to indicate when it has exceeded the allowance of 1GB of data. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to use the network once you have exceeded the limit that is allowed. However, it could be that more data is provided to users at cost after they have exceeded the limit.

Why do you need VPNs and other privacy-focused browsers?

One of the best methods to remain safe online is by using the use of a reliable VPN service that can hide the IP address of your computer. The second option to achieve this is to use privacy-focused browsers like Brave, Opera, and others. These browsers can block privacy-invading trackers as well as ads to safeguard users from hacks and monitoring. A lot of people prefer them over other browsers that do not focus on safeguarding the digital footprints of users.

With the rise of cyber-attacks and hacks, it is recommended to make use of trusted VPNs and safer browsers to secure your privacy online. It is good news that Microsoft is taking a risky step to shield Edge users from attacks. Once the Edge network is launched and you can have a more secure internet experience with no fear of security flaws.