While the rise of smartphones, as well as social media, gained popularity in the past couple of years, people were convinced that WhatsApp messaging would make emails (the most popular app that brought the Internet to the forefront three decades ago, depending on the time) obsolete in the past. Email is still in existence and is more important than before. The modern methods of communication haven’t killed emails, they gave it a particular niche for that it’s indispensable.

If you require an account for the now all-encompassing cloud services, verify your identity on Amazon or send a romantic letter. WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook aren’t the answer. Email is still essential and emails are the place where our most private data is kept.

However, there’s one thing you should know about emails. They’re a two-way, identifiable communication system. It’s part of the basic design and was meant to be similar at the very beginning.

How much information are you disclosing to the world when sending an email? Email addresses are an important item of information. But it’s not all to keep in mind. Emails can contain lots of data that could identify your identity in many ways.

As an example, let’s say you have read the entire header of an email (which the majority of email clients will not display automatically and you’ll need to tweak for a bit to get it). The header is extremely technical that includes information such as your sender’s IP as well as the routing information of the particular message. So, sending anonymous emails is not an option of choice. It’s quite difficult to use anonymously.

Don’t worry. You can send mail anonymously We will guide you through the process with this guide.

How to make an anonymous email The easy guide

The process of generating an anonymous email involves eliminating two crucial details including your email address and the IP address. This requires a secure email service. You can’t make use of Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo. These services are fantastic because of their ease of use accessibility, reliability, and storage capacity, as well as other attributes. However, privacy isn’t their primary concern, which is why we’ll need another provider for this job.

Here’s the easiest way to get there:

  1. The first step is to select a secure email service. ProtonMail is today’s top choice in light of our extensive research and tests.
  2. Sign up with ProtonMail (or any other service you prefer) and receive your mailbox.
  3. Log into your private email account.
  4. You’re done! You have a new, more secure email address.

5 methods you can send an untraced email, without being followed

Therefore, you’ll need to conduct private conversations using email. We can accomplish this! There are a variety of ways to achieve this objective. However, there’s one point you must be aware of. There’s no magic solution for this job. The most effective results result from making use of more than one method at a time. Implementing one of these strategies will allow you to secure your email messages.

1. Use an encrypted and private email service

Secure email providers offer the user a service that appears exactly like normal email on its surface. However, your messages sent out are encrypted from end to end, which can be safer. The encryption is extended to your email, inbox as well as your contacts list.

The encryption process makes your emails appear like random white noise when executed at a high level. This prevents anyone who may be able to intercept their messages from understanding the messages. Therefore, neither your ISP nor the government, and sometimes even your email service provider can access your emails.

There are a variety of anonymous email accounts available on the internet. Each provides a distinct service that focuses on specific particular features. The best are currently available:

  • ProtonMail. It is a security-focused email service that emphasizes anonymity over security and is among the top option in this regard.
  • Tutanota. This one concerns privacy and anonymity.
  • StartMail. The most simple one to utilize is
  • Guerilla Mail. It provides temporary email messages so that you don’t get spam.
2. Use a burner email account

If you’ve watched TV shows such as “The Wire” or “Breaking Bad.” The “heroes” in these shows get the most affordable phones, enroll them into prepaid plans, make use of the phones, and then dispose of the phones. In this way, they enjoy the benefits of mobile communication without leaving any trace that leads back. Burner emails are exactly similar.

The accounts are email accounts that expire after a predetermined time or allow users to send emails without signing up to create an account. In any case, the message isn’t traceable back to the sender. Another option is AnonymouseMail, which allows you to send a completely anonymous message to anyone (but this is only a send-only feature so you’re not going to receive a response).

Burner email addresses are useful to ensure that spam is not a problem for your actual accounts when you have to sign up for fraudulent websites. However, the account you sign up for with a burner email can be difficult to handle, especially if you need to reset a password by using links since they are typically sent to the registered email address – which will be gone when you need to do it. Make a wise choice and use burner email addresses for accounts that you’re sure will not be vital in the end.

3. Hide your IP

It is possible to encrypt messages that are not accessible to anyone else contents except the person on the other side with the encryption key. However, the message is still carrying your IP address information which could result in an extremely risky thing if you have your email address could be accessed by an external interceptor. So what do you do?

You can disguise the IP address by using three different services that include a proxy server, the VPN (VPN), or a Tor browser. Each of these options has pros and drawbacks.

VPNs route all of your data (previously protected) to one or more servers within their network. The server will notify the world that the IP address you are using is its own or one that the network assigns.

In all excellent VPNs, they allow you to select the country that you would like your IP to originate from. If you wish for the VPN you use to remain secure you should choose a VPN that strictly adheres to a no-logs rule – that means you must pay for it. Free VPNs will keep logs of all your activities, and they offer them for sale to earn money.

Tor browser operates as a system that reroutes internet traffic between multiple nodes of an infrastructure that is maintained by volunteers. Although extremely inefficient, Tor connections and originating IP addresses are essentially impossible to track back to their beginning point.

If you’re the anxious type of geek You’ll be pleased with the knowledge that high-quality VPNs such as NordVPN allow users to use both technologies (VPN as well as Tor) in tandem. This quality of IP encryption and masking may not be necessary given the state of the technology, but it’s important to know it’s out there.

Last but not least there is another option, which is the proxy server option. These servers will show that your address is their own similar to the use of a VPN. However, proxies don’t offer encryption. Similar to the VPN instance, it’s vital to ensure that your provider doesn’t store any logs. Otherwise, you’re not protecting yourself from privacy or security concerns and are merely brushing them aside.

4. Get rid of the metadata

Okay, now you’ve got you have a ProtonMail account which you can only utilize through your brand-new NordVPN account using a Tor browser. When the “anonymous” message you’re delivering contains a document that contains metadata, including your name, number address, as well as other important information What’s the purpose of all those security precautions?

If you attach an attachment, particularly an image, ensure that you have stripped it off of all EXIF information.

Windows people will feel delighted to learn the fact that “Document Inspector” removes all the metadata in a document.

5. Sign up for a new email account

Simple solutions are as efficient as the most sophisticated ones. Therefore, you can create a new email account on Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft without having to worry about security. In lieu, enter an untrue name, address as well as the date you were born, omit your phone numbers (though it’s getting difficult), and then send the email that you’d like.

The emails you send via the fake account will be untraceable as far as your actual name is as far as your real name is concerned But don’t forget these things: your real IP address is included in every email Also, don’t think Google and Yahoo treat you differently simply because you’ve provided false data. They will continue to be able to monitor your activities and give the information of your account to law enforcement officials if they are required.

What is spoofed mail?

It’s probably you’re thinking about what’s the reason you can’t send an email without having a sender’s address. The answer is that the protocol requires. This isn’t a useful method because, if try it, you’ll receive errors from the system. Some servers will not accept it and the message could raise suspicions. There’s a better way to accomplish the same thing which is known as “spoofing.”

Spoofing involves creating a false sender email address when sending emails. Spoofing isn’t too difficult to perform since SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) does not check the data in fields like “From,” “Reply to,” or “Sender.” In addition, the email address isn’t crucial when trying to trace back to an address that was sent via email. An IP address, on the contrary, is essential. Also, fake emails can be tracked if they have an exact IP address.

How do you accomplish the entire trick of sending an untractable fake email? With a VPN. A VPN can mask an IP address, and create an alternative one within its network. Another option is using an untrusted server to deliver the message you are trying to block however this is more than just a black hat. things, and is preferred by cyber criminals or those running fraudulent email campaigns, and so we don’t recommend using it.

Anonym email: The best service providers

As we have said before the use of the right encrypted email service is essential to protect emails. These are the top ones that are available:

1. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is the most secure mail service around the globe. Period. Every message receives PGP encryption before it leaves your device. Additionally, the parent company has an uncompromising no-log policy.

The no-log policy is essential in VPN or secure providers of email. How come we are hearing you ask? The first reason is that every business needs to have headquarters somewhere. Thirdly, suppose that someplace can be among the countries where corporations must provide information about client activities to the government.

In that scenario, the company will take care of it due to its legal obligation. This means that your information will be disclosed to the government when they request it. The only way to be sure that the business can fulfill its legal obligation, without jeopardizing your privacy and security is to ensure that they do not keep any details of your activities.

If it wipes out the user’s data every when you end an activity it has nothing to provide the government with information regarding the data you have. That’s the reason why zero-log policies are essential.

Let’s return to ProtonMail.

It provides a free service as well as a variety of monthly subscriptions (starting at just 4 USD). This subscription gives you more secure messages every day. But, those who are most concerned about privacy will not be thrilled to discover that your account will require an incoming phone number to confirm your account.

Mission Impossible fans will also enjoy the self-destructing feature in ProtonMail. When a message is completed you set an expiration date and ProtonMail will delete messages.

Additional benefits are free VPN service applications available for Android and IOS and a secure calendar.

2. Tutanota

Tutanota provides end-to-end encryption for your email. You can also email encrypted messages to other users of the Tutanota network if you require them. The encryption is used to shuffle information in your contacts, as well as your inbox.

A few readers will be pleased to learn that the process of registering for new accounts at Tutanota requires no personal details in any way. This service erases any IP information from each mail you transmit (one of the most important and most difficult tasks to do when trying to make emails anonymous).

Tutanota is an open-source project. This means that anyone can download and study the source code, review it, and then try it. This provides a level of clarity that you rarely find with email providers of any type.

Tutanota offers the perfect service for anyone with a budget and even for those with the ones with no budget. Its free service provides 1GB of storage which is sufficient even if you don’t want attachments. However, it does have additional limitations: the storage will last for a period of four weeks. However should you require an encrypted calendar as well as all of your emails, then you could purchase a subscription for as low as 1.20 EUR monthly.

3. StartMail

Imagine what Gmail would be different if the company was concerned about your privacy rather than coming up with new ways to distribute advertisements. This is StartMail which is a popular Gmail alternative. The parent company also operates and owns StartPage which is one of the uncommon search engines built to protect your privacy.

Because privacy and security are a top priority for the company’s vision, StartMail offers one of the most secure email services available on the Internet. It can support burner emails such as, for example so that you can secure your mailbox by creating an invisible barrier.

The encryption option is two-fold within StartMail. The default alternative is to encode your message locally and then transmit it via the HTTS. However, it can also support PGP which is the most popular choice for those who are the most ardent users of encryption. PGP is a requirement that both senders, as well as the receiver, exchange their encryption keys before they exchange. If neither of the parties will be able to retrieve the message’s text.

4. Guerilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is a top-rated private email provider that’s been operating since.

This is a distinct service from other services. It offers you an email address that is disposable and lets you send and receive emails anonymously. You can set up your email address or let Guerrilla take over in your instead when you don’t have time or desire to figure out the specifics. It is possible to use email without having an account, which makes it easier to access.

A Guerrilla Mail address can be useful when you need to create an account for a potentially fraudulent website for which you aren’t willing to share an email address. An added benefit is that you can utilize the Guerilla account as a trash bin for unwanted emails that can be a nuisance in internet life, or to use if you don’t trust an email sender.

It’s completely free! Guerilla has handled more than 13 billion emails. And the service is still in operation! The number of users using Guerilla continues to grow, and you might be next!

Factors to consider when choosing an anonymous email provider

When choosing an anonymous email service, there are a variety of aspects to consider.

  • Does the service provider have an integrated encryption function? The encryption features are essential in protecting your personal information from unauthorized access. A reliable and secure email service must include encryption as an additional layer of security.
  • The motive behind the email is not identified It is helpful to think about the intention behind using the services. You can determine which services you’ll require the most by assessing how you intend to use the service. For instance, you must consider whether it is intended to send only emails or both sending and receiving and limit how many users can use it and security features and security functions, among others.
  • Are you able to configure Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) using the service? To keep track of messages in incognito mode, you need to connect your mail account to IMAP. This feature stores the messages you send to the Internet Provider Server, enabling you to read your messages from any device.
  • What security features are included on the website? – Knowing the various privacy options, like two-step verification, and no-ads is crucial when selecting an anonymous email service. While some providers claim they fully protect their users but it has been discovered that certain collect data in the form of advertisements. This means that the company provides your personal information to third parties, which compromises your privacy. This is why features like 2FA are vital to improving your privacy and security.

Why do you require an anonymous email address?

The phrase “anonymous mail” might trigger a sly thought in your head. However, there are legitimate reasons for using anonymous email messages in certain situations. Here are a few.


Whistleblowers will always be Davids fighting Goliaths. They often fight for justice despite all odds and are willing to take massive risks. The whistleblower could be fighting crime or fraud, corruption, abuse sexual harassment, or other infringements of the laws as well as human rights. In this way, digital Robin Hoods tend to be loved by the public.

The person who is accused of the crime is often unhappy to be presented as witness statements, so they won’t simply take it on the face. Instead, they take action, and because they are more powerful than whistleblowers They can use massive resources to them, legally or not. Thus the need for anonymity for whistleblowers.


Let’s admit it. Press freedom isn’t as good all over the world, but at least not in those areas in which it is most needed.

Big corporations and governments are not happy to divulge information about their operations to the general public since they are less powerful, weaker as well as less lucrative.

Journalists who are working on a major story must ensure their privacy by not communicating with their sources as they put the pieces together.

This is how anonymity can help investigative journalists to keep their work protected involved and also protects the journalist from reprisals once they’ve published.

Avoid spam and tracking

Spamming is a business. Some companies support it. They search through a variety of websites (like discussion boards and forums) along with mailing lists, to find every public email address.

Once they’ve got the addresses, they utilize them for mass marketing emails. Should you not wish to have your primary email addresses included in these horrible operations An anonymous and disposable address will be essential for signing into accounts on shady sites.

In addition to avoiding the spammer, There’s another consideration. How much do you believe Apple, Google, or Facebook have about you? Of course, we utilize their services throughout the day, because they offer a lot of practical use.

However, these companies are collecting data about us continuously and are either analyzing the data for profit or selling it to third-party companies who know how to profit from it. In this case, anonymous emails can be a great safeguard to guard against Big Tech learning too much about your personal information.

Security and anonymity in email do matter

The standard large tech email providers provide top-quality services. Privacy isn’t the core of their mission They even make use of your actions to tailor the advertisements they offer to you and pay for their expenses by selling ads. They must analyze your habits of browsing and your email content to determine which ads are most effective for you. Therefore, your privacy is not in the best hands with these providers.

In addition, emails sent by standard providers contain the typical meta-data that is included in every standard email. It is your address, as well as anyone willing to look through all the headers in the mail will be able to find the IP address. What’s the severity of that data leak? An experienced hacker could find the location of your physical address by using the IP address that is up to the city zip code, state as well as your ISP and additional details.


The world of digital technology has changed quickly since the Internet surpassed the academic world and became accessible to everyone. The email application was the key application that demonstrated why everyone must have Internet access before the process began.

Since then, things have changed. Then smartphones came along and revolutionized the game. Telegram, WhatsApp, Line, and other messaging apps offer a variety of communication services that are more affordable and speedier than email. Even in the past couple of years, when the epidemic has brought Zoom as well as other video tools for conferencing to the surface, email remains an essential tool that none of the new technology will replace.

Because email is so important and necessary, there are circumstances that unrestricted email service isn’t just useful but essential.

Spoofed email can help ensure your security and integrity in the event of work that poses risky activities. Even if you’re not an avid user of anonymous email and similar services may assist you in protecting your primary email address, so that any unwanted messages aren’t inundated. It’s also important that it’s kept secure enough that only individuals you must know about can use it like it did at the beginning.

Luckily, trustworthy and anonymous email services ensure privacy, anonymity, as well as security in the event of. Additionally, they’re quick affordable, reliable, and inexpensive There’s no reason to ignore them if an emergency requires them.

We hope that the advice in this article can assist you in enhancing your digital lifestyle by remaining secure when it is important and thereby increasing your security.