• Discord revealed the launch of five brand new AI tools powered by OpenAI which is the creator of ChatGPT Then, they introduced subtle changes to their privacy policies.
  • The company has revoked its promises and updated its privacy policy within a day of receiving a huge criticism from its customers about those changes.
  • Discord later reiterated Clyde’s privacy-first and optional-only method before concluding that they wouldn’t open Discord users’ personal data to OpenAI.

In the past, Discord announced five new AI features which will be added to the platform from OpenAI and Midjourney which is the manufacturer of the most well-known AI feature chatGPT. In this latest addition of their system, Discord promised that they will not utilize any of the data gathered from the AI features to aid in AI technology modeling.
In the course of these brand new functions, Clyde, Discord’s chatbot that was in use before is now enhanced by artificially intelligent language parsing capabilities. But there were strings tied to these updates that caused Discord adjust its privacy policies.

Discord’s original privacy statement of Discord states it is Clyde as well as other Discord products don’t store the video content or voice calls, or channels. In addition the company also doesn’t save the content streaming of its users when they display their screens.

Discord was later deleted and disregarded this privacy policy, which was originally intended to record the content of chats, video calls or channels. These changes were noticed and was reported in Techradar at the end of 11th March and Reddit users following similar steps.

Discord users didn’t consider the denial of assurances given on Discord. Discord service lightly since they immediately took them to task for their actions. But, just a few days after they revised their privacy policies, Discord revised and undid the changes.

In a statement issued by an official Discord spokesperson for Techradar:

“We acknowledge that, when we last posted the updated terms in our privacy policy We accidentally confused our customers. The language has not changed so we’ve reinstated the language in our Privacy Policy with further clarifications.”

For more details on recent changes implemented through Discord, Gizmodo asked about the motives behind the modifications to their privacy policies, however, they were unable to provide the specifics.

However, in the recent changes implemented to privacy policies on Discord’s Discord service, the company have promised to not keep their users ignorant of any details. Concerning privacy policies, Discord will notify users of any new changes to videos or channels.

In conjunction with the revision to Discord’s privacy policy, as a backup to the revision of Discord Privacy Policy, Discord made some updates to its blog post which announced addition of AI features and integrations in response to the proposed modifications made by TechRadar.

In the blog’s article, it was further stated that

“Clyde does not record, store or access any video or voice channel chat data of customers.” Discord added a section to its blog post to reiterate the Clyde’s “privacy-first and optional-only policy.”

Discord’s new AI features include a variety of tools and features, which comprise an AI-powered Cylde chatbot, which is able to start conversations and even answer simple questions, in addition to others.

The AutoModAI, formerly called AutoMod which they’ve modified for large-scale language models to stop users from sharing content that is in violation of the server’s rules and improves the context of conversations.

Another feature is Conversation Summaries feature, which is a brand new AI feature that allows paraphrasing and changing messages. The new functions are similar to the ones found of other Discord products, which only retain and utilize the data in accordance with the privacy policies.

While Discord’s Discord platform is now using OpenAI features, it’s currently not allowed access to Discord customers’ personal data for the purpose of developing different AI models. The chatbot on Discord, Clyde, can only be able to read messages from users when they communicate directly with Clyde’s AI.

The most important thing we know concerning AI is that AI always requires the data of its users to continue its work. However, these data can be obtained through the companies’ AI algorithms or by feeding chatbots.

Because these newly developed AI features are built using large data sets created by users, it’s hard to grasp how these OpenAI capabilities will function without analyzing and storing data through Discord users. Since Discord has released its final verdict on its privacy policy your data will be secure and safe.