Each time you start your preferred Google Chrome web browser to begin browsing the internet it runs a number of in-the-hood functions before being available for use. Locating your location with the greatest level of accuracy is just one of the tasks. It allows Google to provide location-based advertisements to you. It also lets you tag social media status updates and other posts.

However, many users are concerned with all the right reasons — regarding the privacy of their devices as well as sharing their locations.

If you believe that Google already has too much information about you, and you’d like to keep your location to remain private from Google We understand. You can change it. You can alter your Chrome location. All you have to do is utilize a reliable VPN provider. You’ll then be able to pretend to be in your place with just only a few clicks.

VPNs provide you with a different address, known as an IP (Internet Protocol) address. This, will, in turn, help you fool your browser to think you’re in another. This also allows you to access websites and services from other countries. In addition, you’ll get total encryption of your data internet traffic, which means that no external spy can see what you’re doing.

This article will demonstrate how you can utilize the VPN to hide your location within Chrome using the most popular electronic devices. We will also provide information about the best VPNs that you can utilize for Chrome. So, stay tuned and continue following!

How do you change the location of your Chrome using VPN – Quick guide

Change the perception of Google Chrome’s physical location is a simple job with VPN. VPN. Use these instructions.

  1. Select a VPN service. The most effective VPN available can be found with ExpressVPN which we highly would recommend it without hesitation.
  2. Choose the application that your VPN provider has for the device you want to use. Download it.
  3. Start your VPN application or client. Log in.
  4. Connect to an internet server within the VPN server network. Choose any country you would like Chrome to recognize as your own.
  5. You must restart the browser Google Chrome.
  6. Surf, and relax and!

What are the reasons to use VPN? VPN using Google Chrome?

In essence, in addition to being extremely secure it also provides VPN (Virtual Private Network) for Chrome protects your personal data online as well as from hackers and big technological.

Google Chrome utilizes geolocation technology to pinpoint the current location of your computer. It’s not a completely bad issue; it has its benefits too. For instance, this is how it gives you relevant results in search results in your area as well as let you make accurate tags for the social media content.

While the act of not letting Chrome know where you are can have additional implications, and many users are not happy about it. For example when you’re looking to use the website that is restricted in its geo-location due to copiesright reasons (which applies to virtually every legal streaming service) You don’t want Chrome to find out where you’re located. However, aside from convenience, privacy issues might lead you to fake your place of residence and, therefore, Chrome does not know. We’ll explore additional valid reasons later on.

But let’s get practical. If you’re looking to hide your location from view of Chrome it is necessary to use an app to do this regardless of the reasons. The most straightforward and simple method to accomplish this is by using VPN. VPN.

If you connect to your VPN and select one of the servers in the network the server will assign you with a new IP address that corresponds to the server’s place of operation. Therefore, if you select an Argentinian server, Chrome will think you’re located in Argentina. In addition, if there’s an Argentine site or service that you’d like using but cannot because it is only available to international traffic You’ll be able open it.

Top VPNs to change Google Chrome location

There is no doubt that the VPN market is overflowing with choices, and they all have great publicity and promise to provide all the services you need. However, not every VPN online is as effective as the ads claim. Certain VPNs can harm your security online or come with other flaws that are serious.

However, we’ve conducted extensive research so you don’t need to go it alone. We’ve analyzed every major VPN on the market to identify the best one for various purposes. So, if you’re looking for what is the top VPN which will alter your IP address, and provide an uninvolved browsing experience on Chrome and other browsers, here are the best:

  1. ExpressVPN. This is by far the most popular known brand in the world of VPNs and is the most reliable VPN for Chrome to use for browsing in privacy.
  2. NordVPN. It is one of the most modern VPNs, offering excellent service and numerous advanced features. It is also great to block your browser.
  3. Surfshark. It’s a new VPN which has grown into a major player in just a few months. The most affordableVPN available will be able to do the job.

We looked at several factors to decide on the best Chrome VPNs. We looked at reputation, cost customer reviews and server locations, as well as the amount of servers available, safety speed, and support for customers. Our team also considered what IPs that each VPN provider had available. We have compiled a list of the top Chrome VPNs for those who want to know more recommendations and more details.

How Google Chrome detects your location?

Chrome has a variety of ways to determine the location of your device. The first approach is to examine the IP address of your device which is enough to let Chrome be aware of your location with enough precision for the purpose it serves. It also gathers data about your location through your Bluetooth as well as other apps that have permissions to track your position. Additionally, Google collects data from WiFi access points that are public all over the world, providing Chrome with additional sources of information.

Google also communicates your location to every website you visit with Chrome. However, it’s useful as it allows every website to offer a user-friendly experience that is specific to your specific region or country starting by identifying the local language. On the other aspect, Chrome enables advertisers to focus on you with greater precision and bombard you with advertisements.

However, every coin comes with two sides. The same “advantage” is that it will block the website from appearing in the way it is intended to users from other countries. Therefore, you may want to conceal your geographical location from Chrome and this is something you could achieve using the help of a VPN. This means that you can continue browsing the internet while Chrome assumes that you’re in another location.

Most modern portable devices include a GPS service. They can connect to satellites of the GPS network to determine the exact location of the device.

The GPS receiver you have to connect to four satellites at once in order to pinpoint your location accurately.

The GPS could be as precise at 33 centimeters. But this isn’t the most precise, and the average consumer-level device can be accurate to around 3 meters..

The information is on your device in addition, Chrome is able to read this information. Many of the apps you have installed can.

WiFi networks are equipped with a the BSSID (also known as Basic Service Set ID. The information is unique to every router, and is broadcast alongside WiFi signals..

BSSID does not have anything to do with your address, but it’s public data that anyone could gather. So Google did.

Google has a huge BSSID database that will reveal the locations of routers that are part of it. The process of collecting this data is a huge undertaking. We believe that Google performed all of that work while it was collecting images to use in its Google Streets function.

The idea is that Google is aware of where a particular BSSID is located and will let the Chrome web browser be aware of.

3.IP address
Google will make use of your computer’s IP address even if all else has reported insufficient information. IP is the abbreviation in the form of ” Internet Protocol.” An IP address is a label that is assigned to every device on the internet. Each IP address is unique and intended to identify every device in the network.

A IP address will be 100% precise in determining your place online. However the web’s logical design and the real-world map are not in complete agreement. Therefore, Google will be able to solve this issue by contacting your ISP and will receive an answer.

Keep in mind that this method is not millimetrically precise but you can anticipate it to be close to the state you are.

Why should you mask your IP address?

There are times when it’s best to get your IP address spoofed regardless of the internet browser you use. Some examples include:

  • You would like to maintain access to your favorite services and websites even when you travel. If you’re not at home or for any reason, you’ll wish to perform the same things online that you can do at home. One way you can achieve this is to use an internet connection that gives you an IP address that is from the country you are from.
  • You’d like the ability to view the internet from a different perspective and not elsewhere. In order to do this, you’ll need to remove any restricted geo-based websites in the country of desire. Therefore, you need an IP address from the country you are interested in.
  • It’s possible that Google already has too much information about you and you’d prefer to protect your privacyso you’re not a target when you browse the internet.

A top-quality VPN will fulfill any of the above requests. Additionally, if you’re concerned about your GPS transmitting your place of residence, you’ll be happy to learn that the top VPNs are able to disguise even GPS places..

Change the location of Chrome on your device

It has 67.19 percentage of the use of desktop browsers, Google Chrome is the most popular web browser. You can access it on nearly any device. Chrome is slightly different on each operating system and platform since it must adapt to the specific setting. This means that changing the location of your computer in Chrome is different between operating systems and another. However, the basic procedure remains the same. Let’s look at some of the methods.

Spoof Chrome browser’s location on Windows

Chrome is incredibly popular with Windows people. Our trick is easy:

  • Download the VPN client for Windows the service you use. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Open the VPN application and sign in.
  • Connect to the VPN serverin the network of the provider.
  • Open the Google Chrome browser. Check that your location has changed.
  • If Google is unable to locate your location, go to your Chrome Settings and select ” Privacy and security.” Then you will be taken” Site Settings. ” Site Settings.”
  • Choose ” Location.” Then, select “Don’t let sites know where you are.”
  • That’s it!

Change your Chrome browser location on Android devices

Spoofing your location using Android devices is very simple. Take these actions:

  • Switch your cell phone as well as Google Play places into any other country you want.
  • Download the ExpressVPN application on the Google Play Store — If you have selected another VPN provider, make use of its application.
  • Log in to the VPN application. Connect to the VPN and choose a server that is in the location you want to be.
  • Create an entirely new Google account from the new location you wish to.
  • Then, open Chrome then, locate the settings, then go into ” Site Settings” and click ” Location.”
  • Switch off ” Ask before allowing websites to learn about your address” choice.
  • Have fun!

Change your Chrome location on iOS/iPhone

The process of doing this using your iPhone is a bit different

  • Modifyyour app store and phone numbers to the country you prefer.
  • Installation ofthe VPN application on the App Store.
  • Openyour VPN app, sign in, then select one of the servers from your preferred country.
  • Makea brand new Apple ID consistent with the country you wish to visit.
  • Navigate to” Settings.” Scroll down until you can see (and press) the Chrome application. Select the location option and select ” Never.”
  • Start Google’s Chrome Browser!

Temper Google Chrome location without using a VPN

  • Start Your Chrome browser and then open your Chrome Developer Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I or Cmd+Option+I for Windows or macOS either).
  • Then, press ” Esc,” then click “…,” the three dots that appear to the right.
  • Then, click “Sensors” and change on the “Geolocation” dropdown that you see in the dropdown in to “Custom place.”
  • Then, enter the geo coordinates you’d like to use.

Should I use a VPN app or a VPN browser extension to change my location?

There isn’t a universal answer. It is dependent on the device you use and your service and many other factors.

If you’re looking to access this via your smartphone, the VPN is always the most efficient method. But, the Extension for your browser to use VPN might be the better choice if you’re using a computer since it’s smaller in resources and makes it easier to use.

Be aware that not all VPN offers extension for browsers. It’s recommended to select a top-quality VPN with applications for the most popular operating systems as well as extensions to Chrome.

Change my location using Chrome legal or illegal?

It’s completely legal to make use of VPNs to use a VPN to disguise your location on Chrome, except in those countries in which VPNs are considered illegal. What are those countries? They are among the most oppressive countries around the globe: Oman, UAE, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Uganda, Turkmenistan, North Korea, Belorussia as well as China. In these countries there is no requirement to make use of VPNs for any reason.

If you’d prefer not to use using VPNs there’s a variety of options to “cheat” with your Chrome. For instance, there are GPS fake apps and proxy servers. If you don’t agree with the idea of signing up with an VPN to alter your Chrome location, you must insist. Other alternatives will work when you utilize them properly. However, the use of a VPN can provide you with a variety of benefits that can enhance your online activities including your online anonymity as well as privacy and security. Therefore, If you’re concerned about privacy to you, using a VPN is the best way to choose.

I’m unable to change my Chrome location using my VPN!

Don’t Panic! If you’re in this scenario, make sure that your VPN is working correctly and you select one that is compatible with the country you picked to set the settings for (of your smartphone and AppleID as well as your Google accounts). After that, visit the website of your VPN. There are likely to be tools to determine if your service is operating properly.

If you’re certain you’re certain that the VPN connection isn’t the cause, think about the following options:

  • The IP addresses of your computer are being published.
  • Your VPN cannot manage the geo-blocking of the site you’d like to access.
  • The cookies you have installed on your cookies are leaking your place of residence.

You could solve those issues in this way:

  • If your IP is leaking (which is possible to check with online tools) then you’ve chosen one of the incorrect VPN. The three VPNs we recommend are leak-proof and you must choose one over the one you are currently using.
  • Remove your browser’s cache as well as cache.
  • Try an alternative VPN server on your provider’s network.
  • Contact the customer service for your VPN and ask for assistance.

Use a no-cost VPN to change the location of your Chrome

We recommend our customers to be wary of free VPNs at all cost. If you have to use a free VPN that is not a good idea, select a premium provider like ProtonVPN or AtlasVPN. This will ensure you have a dependable service, which is not the case for many free VPNs.

If you’d like to get your IP spoofed for a brief period of time while you travel, the majority of top VPNs help travellers with trial time durations. To help you, our top recommended VPN in this situation is ExpressVPN. It permits users to utilize it without cost in the event of a need. Instead of utilizing free VPNs we suggest choosing one of these, even if in a pinch for money.


Being able to track your Google’s location doesn’t mean an issue. is quite useful at times. However, hiding your location may be a good idea at times.

The good news is that securing your privacy from Google’s online eyes is a simple procedure if you use a reliable VPN. It will provide you with an IP address that is new each when you sign into. It will let you remain anonymous as you surf the internet like you would it were an privacy-oriented browser.

However, the VPN will also increase the overall level of security and privacy and privacy. The most reliable VPNs have additional features which make your internet more smooth and more secure.

This article hopefully gave you the details you’ve been looking for about changing the location of your Chrome using VPN VPN as well as other tools. Make sure you are surfing and, more importantly be secure!