PandaVPN is an incredibly new player in the VPN market. It is run through Panda Security, a famous IT solutions provider, and is an authentic service. One of the biggest benefits is its extensive network of servers around the world. Additionally, some of its servers have reliable connections and the loss in speed will be minimally visible.

The VPN ensures that you are secure and protect your privacy online. It works with every operating system, which means you can use it on any of your devices.

So do you think PandaVPN is worth trying? Check out this honest review of PandaVPN to learn more about what it has to offer.

Do you have a short amount of time? We’ve got you covered. PandaVPN important results

  • Large network It’s surprising that PandaVPN has a vast network of servers spread across different locations around the world.
  • Secure and advanced The service protects your data and connections with ECC encryption. While it isn’t widely employed in the VPN sector, it’s sufficient to protect you from attackers.
  • Amazing speeds Impressive speeds PandaVPN provides a dazzling speed for uploads and downloads. It’s enough for the majority of tasks, and it doesn’t experience buffering or lagging.
  • Compatibility Provides applications for all the major devices. Unfortunately, the VPN permits you to connect to only three different devices at once.

Con and Pros of PandaVPN

  • unlimited bandwidth It does not restrict data or bandwidth therefore you can browse the web and do other tasks without limitations.
  • The free version It is possible to make use of PandaVPNPro for free, however, it comes with some limitations.
  • Antivirus This feature protects your device from known viruses.
  • Poor customer service We tried contacting them via live chat and email but were unable to respond promptly.
  • Guaranteed money-back It is a limited money-back guarantee. You only be able to try the service without risk. This is a very small number in comparison to rivals such as CyberGhost VPN which gives the possibility of a 45-day trial.

PandaVPN features

Server network3000+ servers in 80 countries
EncryptionECC encryption
Logging policyExplicit zero-logs
Simultaneous connectionsThree devices
Free trialNIL
Money-back guarantee7-day money-back guarantee

PandaVPN speed

Speed is an important factor to take into consideration when looking for the right VPN service. But, keep in mind that the use of the VPN can affect your speed due to the encryption of connections. PandaVPN can manage the effect to give amazing speeds.

When we tested PandaVPN in this review, the first speed of 69.45Mbps before making a connection to the VPN. After manually binding to a server nearby, the speed fell to 63.78 Mbps an impressive figure. In general, the server that is closer to you will have faster speeds than one that is far away due to the distance the traffic must traverse.

Additionally, alternatively, the Intelligent Location function may allow you to connect automatically to the best server.

Does the speed suffice to support torrenting and gaming?

These two games are extremely data-intensive and require a sufficient amount of speed to perform. In theory, PandaVPN’s speed looks impressive however, it was unable to play the games we tried. Additionally, it was unable to download torrent files within a reasonable time.

PandaVPN server network

The service operates an extensive network that includes more than 3,000 servers across more than 170 locations across 80 countries. Similar with established brands such as ExpressVPN which has more than 3000 servers spread across the world in 94 countries.

The greatest benefit is that PandaVPN provides servers in areas that are difficult to reach such as Russia or China. However, both countries are subject to a lot of internet censorship which means you need to be aware when using the servers. (Its competitors such as NordVPN and Surfshark offer an obfuscation option to disguise your VPN actions.)

It offers the most coverage across Europe and in particular Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and the UK. It is followed by Asia comes in second place with the highest number of PandaVPN servers located in Japan, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. In addition, it has servers located across North America, Australia as well as Brazil. Additionally, the company has recently added servers in Africa in countries such as Tanzania in addition to Burundi.

PandaVPN doesn’t have physical servers and solely uses virtual servers. The IP addresses aren’t dependent on the location of the server advertised. Normal users shouldn’t have any issues with this setup however, it’s a serious problem for those who value their privacy.

Another problem that we have with PandaVPN is that it’s not secure. PandaVPN services are that the dedicated servers don’t perform as they should as we observed in our review. Perhaps that’s the reason why the VPN is not the ideal choice for avoiding restrictions, torrenting, or gaming.

Is PandaVPN function with Netflix?

One reason for the rise in popularity of VPNs is the entertainment aspect. Many streaming services utilize geo-blocking techniques to restrict their content to certain geographic areas. Particularly, certain platforms, such as Netflix make use of the latest technology, making it difficult to access their content.

PandaVPN asserts that it can break the geo-restrictions of all streaming providers on its website.

However, this is an attempt to market. In our exhaustive testing of PandaVPNPro to write the review, it failed to not deblock all of the popular streaming services. No streaming websites performed, even on special streaming servers.

If you’re searching for a solid streaming VPN pick a provider that has a track record such as NordVPN.

Does PandaVPN allow P2P sharing?

The VPN offers dedicated servers designed to improve speedier torrenting over the standard servers. There are only a handful of them and will guarantee to improve your connections to torrents.

It’s more likely to be an additional tactic employed by PandaVPN to attract users since we were unable to access any torrent sites in our test. Unfortunately, the servers that have been optimized don’t improve the speed of torrenting or function in the way they ought to.

Is PandaVPN secured?

The company is not generous in divulging information regarding the security functions it has.

Its website provides ECC encryption without any mention of anything else. Although the majority of VPNs utilize AES 128 or 256-bit encryption, elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) is still sufficient to ensure your security.

PandaVPN claims that it can safeguard your connection with the use of an automated stop switch when the VPN connection is lost. However, it doesn’t specify which apps are equipped with this feature. We didn’t find it in the macOS settings for apps during our testing.

The VPN provides splitting tunneling which allows users to secure certain traffic, and then leave the rest on your local network.

Unfortunately, PandaVPN lacks some useful security features it’s competitors do including dual VPN, Onion over VPN, and obfuscation.

PandaVPN privacy

Regarding the company’s privacy policy, PandaVPN follows a strict zero-logs policy and doesn’t keep any personal information.

The app won’t even ask you to input your email address when you sign up. Instead, the application can create random numbers to serve as your login credentials. The system for generating numbers is a unique method that allows you to keep your privacy.

Additionally, on top of that, it also supports the Bitcoin option for payment which adds a layer of privacy. Combining these two options will ensure that you remain completely private.

In addition to a kill switch, several VPNs include security against DNS leaks to guard against DNS leakage. In reality, we noticed massive leaks of IP that could easily expose your identity. Therefore, if you need complete anonymity, you should be vigilant.

Can PandaVPN be available in China?

PandaVPN claims that it has servers located in China as well as utilizes the latest technology to unlock content. Both mobile and desktop apps include the Smart Mode that blocks areas of the network (LAN) and Chinese websites. However, our users from China claim that it isn’t working in China.

PandaVPN compatibility

When PandaVPN first launched initially, it only worked for only the Windows operating system. It has since opened to a wider range of users with the introduction of Android, macOS, iOS as well as Android TV applications. In addition, the company plans to support more devices, including routers, to ensure that you will be able to support all devices in your home.

We were however disappointed to discover that the VPN lets you connect just three devices at a time. It’s a serious issue when you consider that the majority of VPNs provide at least 5 simultaneous connections. Some, such as Surfshark as well as IPVanish don’t limit the amount of computers that you can connect to.

Installation and set-up

One of the most appealing aspects of PandaVPN is the seamless installation process, as demonstrated in our review. It is all you need to do is choose the “PandaVPN Free Download “PandaVPN no cost download” alternative on their site and follow the prompts for installation.

After installing and downloading the application, log into your account using the random numbers that you generated previously. Click the connect button to connect to the suitable server that is available.

You can also join the server by hand however, this can be complicated. It is necessary to test several connections before you find the best one, which can be time-consuming. To make matters worse is that this interface isn’t user-friendly. Auto-connect can be the sole thing to can salvage users’ experience.

PandaVPN pricing

The price is another major factor for a majority of VPN users. What is the price PandaVPN costs for their services?

The pricing structure is clear and simple and includes four simple plans.

If you opt for the month-to-month plan, it will cost $9.99 for a month. That’s which is slightly less than the industry standard. If you choose the 3-month bundle the cost is $6.99 per month. Alternatively, the 6-month plan reduces down to $3.99. Then, select the annual plan for the best price at only $2.49 and 12 months for free.

The company backs all packages with a 7-day money-back guarantee to ensure that you can test the service without risk.

PandaVPN Support and reliability

We have tried to write an honest assessment of PandaVPN our team has examined its performance as well as customer service and discovered it to be unimpressive. We found PandaVPN extremely unstable and insecure.

In the beginning, PandaVPN didn’t circumvent certain streaming site restrictions and experienced slowdowns and intermittent dropouts at several servers. Additionally, server maintenance and timeouts are also frequent.

In addition, customer support is not reliable. They offer a live chat feature and email ways to reach them. However, you won’t receive a response through live chat.

Also, they did not respond promptly via live chat or by email when we asked for a refund. We also tried contacting PandaVPN support on Twitter, but we didn’t receive a response. The support team took more than a week to reply to our inquiry.


To summarize this review, we can conclude the following: PandaVPN can be described as a straightforward but reliable VPN solution. The applications are easy for users to utilize and provide the option of a free plan as well as low-cost paid packages. Additionally, it offers the same reliability as other options at the same price, or more affordable.

But, PandaVPN also exhibited many shortcomings throughout our evaluation. For example, despite having a vast server network and the blazing speed of certain servers, however, it could not get around restrictions on the geolocation of several streaming services. In addition, its customer service was a bit lacking and we had to wait several weeks to receive an answer.

However, PandaVPN is a growing service, and we are hoping it will fix existing issues to compete with the top competitors.