Presently, Gmail is a go-to email service for millions of people around the world. A lot of people use Google’s email service due to its user-friendly interface, in addition to other appealing features. But, concerns for user privacy when using Google have been growing in recent times. Since Gmail is an app of Google numerous users are now opting for the most secure Gmail alternatives.

The shift away from Gmail was primarily triggered in the wake of Google appearing to have compromised the privacy of users by allowing automatic synchronization across various services. However, this is where users get stuck: which one do they choose to use instead of Gmail which respects their privacy?

So, this guide will highlight the top alternative emailing platforms to take into consideration in contrast to Gmail.

Five of the best Gmail alternatives A Quick list

If you’re eager to change from Gmail to a more secure option Here are the top 5 choices for you. However, you can learn more about additional alternatives.

  1. ProtonMail: End-to-end encrypted email service based using a zero-knowledge approach. It allows you to create an account for free with 500MB of storage.
  2. Tutanota: An end-to-end encryption that is transparent and transparent. email service offering free services without ads and 1 GB of storage.
  3. Zoho Gmail: Excellent end-to-end secure Gmail alternative for businesses.
  4. GMX: A reliable alternative to Gmail with free calendars, virus protection as well as other security features.
  5. Outlook: A user-friendly and free service that is available to both business and private users.

The top reasons to think about the use of Gmail alternatives

We all know that Gmail provides the most reliable email service for its users, in addition to being user-friendly and integrated. However, it has been a disappointment to many regarding privacy.

The majority of users can confirm that Gmail has compromised their privacy not just once, twice, but many times.

For example, Wall Street Journal published an article in the year 2018 that highlighted hundreds of app developers from third parties accessing, scanning, and sharing information from users’ email inboxes. The story was revealed online after Google declared that it would stop scanning emails of users for specific advertisements. Then, these third-party applications began sending automated suggestions for travel plans as well as price comparisons and much more in emails to Gmail users.

In the wake of this incident many people are aware of the vulnerability of free Gmail accounts can be to hacking. This is why taking into consideration safe Gmail alternatives is vital to avoid being a victim of similar incidents.

Other important reasons to think about one of the most popular Gmail alternatives include;

However, user privacy and security of data have been one of the main reasons to stay clear of Gmail in the form of an email platform.

  • Gmail provides a small storage capacity of only 10GB.
  • The email service does not have encryption from end-to-end on emails.
  • It is an American company.
  • Gmail is not able to offer confidential signing-up options and payment options.

Alongside, privacy is another important aspect when it comes to using various Google products.

Because exposure to sensitive data can be harmful to users, it’s vital to choose the most secure Gmail solutions to protect your email.

Most secure alternatives to Gmail

There are a variety of options in the present for those who want to control their privacy your control.

When choosing a reputable Gmail alternative, be sure to check that it provides;

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Domains that can be customized for business use
  • Open-source code
  • Pay with cash anonymously
  • Privacy-friendly Terms and Conditions
  • No advertisements
  • Sign up for your data and privacy

The inclusion of these features allows you to enjoy a unique and secure emailing experience. Additionally, they ensure the privacy of your personal information as well as privacy.

This is why we have compiled an overview of the top alternatives to Gmail that you can utilize to secure your email’s privacy.

1. ProtonMail

In 2013, ProtonMail was founded. ProtonMail is among the top and most renowned secure email service providers in our time.

It runs its servers located in Switzerland and ensures that customer information remains protected under the strict Swiss regulations on privacy. The service also provides end-to-end encryption which protects your inbox from the prying eyes of others.

In addition, ProtonMail is a platform-independent service that allows users to send secure messages to other email service providers.

The most appealing aspect of this is the fact it is that new users can qualify to receive 500MB of storage for free when they sign up using the service for email. If you’re looking for more storage capacity, you can sign up for one of the 3 premium options provided by the service. In addition, you can get up to 20GB of storage space to save your emails, attachments, and other applications.

Another excellent aspect that is a highlight of ProtonMail has to do with its contemporary inbox that provides incredible user-friendliness. Additionally, the service comprises many tools necessary for the import of information directly from your Gmail accounts.


  • Open-source email service
  • No software installation
  • It allows you to create an account without revealing personal information
  • Integrates end-to-end encryption to safeguard the emails that are in your inbox


  • The free plan is not reliable support for customers.
  • Doesn’t encode subject lines of emails.
2. Tutanota

Tutanota was the first email service that incorporates end-to-end encryption which makes it an appropriate Gmail alternative. It first came into existence in the year 2011 in Germany and is awash with millions of users worldwide today.

Tutanota is an open-source email service that allows anyone to access the source code of HTML0 on GitHub quickly. Because of this, the company is clearer and safe in particular with the possibility of not making money from ads.

The business model is dependent on user donations and Premium subscriptions to earn revenues. This suggests that the business is not associated with third-party companies to sell data from users.

The email service has emerged as an excellent option for journalists and activists around the world who are involved in sensitive data and battling for privacy. For instance, NGOs as well as various organizations use Tutanota to ensure privacy and secure internet communications. These advantages make Tutanota’s email service one of the safest and most reliable Gmail alternatives for customers.

When you sign up for an account at Tutanota when you sign up, you receive 1 GB of complimentary storage This is available to new users as well. But, email compression grants users an additional up to 10GB of free storage.

If you’re looking to learn more about Tutanota This dedicated Tutanota manual will help you get the most benefit from it.


  • No advertisements
  • Open-source
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Top-notch security
  • It encrypts email and calendar.


  • It requires users to upgrade to higher-priced plans for better services.
3. Zoho Mail

With an eye on businesses, Zoho Mail is a great option for Gmail that allows personal use.

Zoho Mail is famous because of its password manager however, it also offers the same secure email service as Gmail.

When you sign up with Zoho Mail mailbox is equipped with end-to-end encryption, which supports the S/MIME protocol, SSL, or TLS.

To increase security, you can add 2-factor verification using Touch ID, TOTP, and other methods. The service also comes with applications that have a calendar along with notepad integration, making the email service fun.

Zoho Mail also has an efficient customer service team that is available 24/7 to address any issue encountered by its customers. In addition, users can access up to 1TB of storage which is more storage space than alternative Gmail alternative. By using this service, you benefit from its high-end protection and security features such as the 99.9 percent uptime.


  • Document storage that is up to 10GB
  • Improves sales management with its CRM integration module Zoho
  • It is easy to create an individualized domain email for business using Zoho Mail


  • Social media contacts cannot be imported.
  • Users must choose paid plans to access more than 5GB of storage
4. GMX

Global Mail Exchange (GMX) is one of the safe Gmail alternatives that were created by the company. The company is located in Germany, and GMX offers time-tested and high-quality emails to customers.

The company employs TLS/SSL encryption which is the same type of encryption used by Gmail. However, this service blocks the scanning of email keywords and utilizing the information to promote advertising as Gmail. Therefore it has more than 11 million users the service has grown into a major rival to Gmail.

GMX includes a mailbox that includes a free calendar as well as fail-safe antivirus and spam filters. Furthermore, every GMX account provides users with an amount of storage that can range from to 65GB, which makes it worth a try when you require additional storage space.

Although you can create multiple GMX accounts, keep in mind it is distinct from Gmail. It, for instance, offers a maximum attachment size of 50MB. It’s an outstanding Gmail alternative that offers security for privacy.


  • Includes an address book online
  • A single user can establish as many as 10, GMX accounts for email.
  • Supports email attachments up to 50 MB.


  • Doesn’t offer two-factor authentication.
  • Has an underdeveloped user-friendliness
5. Outlook

If you are looking for a Gmail alternative that is different from the crowd, you should consider Outlook. This Microsoft-owned service for email lets users benefit from the smooth management of their accounts and seamless integration.

Outlook ensures data security and privacy, in contrast to Gmail. So, you can expect that Outlook has more than 400 million customers in the present.

The user mailbox contains built-in spam filters, ensuring protection against spam emails. Also, Outlook allows you to utilize the Microsoft authentication application and log in to your email account quickly.

In addition to being an email provider, Outlook enables users to discover other features, such as notes as well as tasks and calendars, and many more.

You can set up and participate in more sophisticated communication in comparison to Gmail. Additionally, you can test similar levels of capabilities that many email providers don’t have.

The disadvantage of this solution is the fact that it only provides 5GB of storage but it does provide it by offering advanced security and privacy features.


  • Ad-free, targeted ads
  • Friendly interface for users
  • Great integration Excellent integration OneDrive Calendar, OneDrive, and Skype


  • Storage space is limited compared to most Gmail alternatives
  • Unsuitable email service regarding customization

It’s another email service provider located in Germany that was established in 2014. The company excels at providing the best Gmail alternative for personal and professional use. Users can enjoy the benefits of a free and secure email service that comes with an integrated calendar, contact lists, as well as cloud-based storage.

If you are signing to sign up for an account with a email account for free, you don’t have to fill in any personal data. Similar features are available for paid plans, which allow customers to pay without revealing their identity. offers solid SSL/TLS encryption security and also supports PGP vital to facilitate private communications.

One of the most well-known advantages of this service is its simple-to-remember and well-known email inbox around the world. Additionally, the company is focused on the security and privacy of users and is therefore more secure than its rivals. offers two storage choices: 100 GB of mail storage and 2TB of cloud storage. The service, however, uses a prepaid credit plan which makes it unsuitable for users seeking free storage. You can select the size of storage you want on your budget.


  • Supports email clients from third parties
  • Allows for the storage of emails on two separate servers
  • Do not require personal information to establish a new account.


  • It records the IP addresses of users but it’s gone after a couple of days
7. iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is a product from Apple and is the most popular anti-Google solution available on the market.

It’s an optional part in your iCloud account which users must have before making use of any Apple device completely. Windows users will first have to download iTunes to set up an iCloud Mail account. But you have to own an iPhone for access to this convenient Gmail alternative.

iCloud Mail is reliable and the most reliable Gmail alternative for those who want to protect their privacy online. It’s a great option for those who are moving away from Gmail even though it lacks some outstanding features.

It provides 5GB of free storage like Outlook without the need for an additional plan to increase it. It is therefore suitable for use by individuals and even simple internet use.


  • Friendly interface for users
  • No advertisements
  • Compatible with all Apple devices. Compatible with all apple


  • There is no POP3 service
  • Advanced features are limited.
8. Yahoo! Mail

With over 200 million people using it, Yahoo! Mail is a global phenomenon as is Gmail.

This email service comes with an interface that’s similar to Gmail which makes it ideal for people who want an easy transition.

The service earlier required users to set up an account using both national and international domains. However, now, users typically receive email accounts using an international address “”

Yahoo! users can receive 1GB of storage which gives you ample space to store all of their emails, with attachments included. However, Yahoo! Mail has many similar problems to Gmail specifically privacy issues.

In a nutshell, Yahoo! Mail was a victim of a major security breach a couple of years ago that affected millions of users. Mail also agreed to an enormous settlement amount for users who were affected by the hack.

While Gmail enhanced its security after the incident, it is still advisable to look at alternatives to secure Gmail alternatives in case you do not want to take any danger.


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Superb personalization
  • Supports attachments to large files


  • Includes advertisements
  • Spam-related issues
9. FastMail

This email service is targeted at businesses and individuals and provides premium email accounts for paid subscribers.

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, FastMail now offers its services in over 30 languages. In the year 2010, Opera Software acquired the company and later it became an independent company.

FastMail is a great basic email service that comes thanks to its advertising-free capabilities that make it an ideal Gmail alternative.

Concerning privacy, all of your email messages are encrypted while you send and receive them. However, these messages are not encrypted while stored on the servers of the company.

A FastMail basic email account offers 2GB storage space with the standard offer of up to 25 GB. The Professional plan offers 100GB. Customers who opt for the second package also have access to unlimited archive storage.


  • Ad-free
  • Friendly interface for users
  • Excellent spam filter


  • Does not provide any free email service.
  • Not suitable for advanced users.
10. Posteo

Posteo can be one of the privacy-focused alternatives to Gmail providing better emailing services for users.

It’s an open-source project that comes with solid safety features.

The firm is located in Berlin, Germany, and is renowned for providing mail accounts with a fee for both businesses and individuals alike.

A few security features of Posteo include encryption of emails on the server which makes use of TLS to protect emails that are in transition. Additionally, it is compatible with S/SSE and OpenPGP which ensures the security of user email both when stored and while in transit.

Posteo lets users create multiple aliases under the same account to cut down on the amount of spam and annoying emails.

With the help of a Posteo mail account, you will have an organized email account that lets you read new emails easily.

New users are given 2GB of email storage which can be extended to 20GB at the time the user pays to use it.


  • POP3 Included
  • Most affordable email service
  • ad-free Service
  • Encrypts metadata from emails.


  • No spam folder
  • Custom domains are not available.
11. Hushmail

Hushmail is one of the oldest secure email services that has been in existence in existence. It has remained a secure email service over the years which has made it the best alternative to Gmail. But, Hushmail isn’t equipped with the modern features that are offered by other modern email providers.

It’s the perfect way to begin when you want to transfer to a safe mailbox that is secure and private. The email service you use is private when you sign-up for your Hushmail account. Additionally, it is among the few email providers that provide certain free services with no ads.

In terms of the security aspect, Hushmail provides an automatic virus scan for all emails received and removes spam messages which keep your mailbox safe. But, Hushmail does not have the usual features which make your mailbox more organized.

Hushmail provides up to 10GB of storage space for business and premium accounts, whereas free accounts have the storage limit to be 25MB. However, premium users have access to up to 1GB of storage space, which might not be ideal for users with large files.


  • Supports POP3 access
  • Ad-free
  • Automatically scans mailboxes for viruses
  • Secure, fully-featured, and secure email service


  • Space for storage is not enough
  • There isn’t an app with a dedicated application
  • There aren’t many advanced features.
  • There is no spell checker
12. StartMail

Created by a Dutch personal web search engine, Startpage team, StartMail is a great Gmail alternative.

While the company collects information from users to enhance its services, however, it is deleted instantly following the end of your session. Additionally, the email service keeps your IP address but does not share it with any other third parties.

No matter what information is retained regardless of the information stored by StartMail regardless of the information it stores, the service guarantees to get the user’s details off its database within three days. It also prohibits the tracking of cookies as it is essential to protecting the privacy of users.

Contrary to most Gmail alternative services, StarMail often encrypts user information on the server side rather instead of in the browser.

The email can be used with IMAP along with SMTP protocols and offers the option to create an account that will be temporary.

Additionally, StarMail supports anonymous digital payments through cryptocurrency.

For storage, users are offered 10GB of storage on a paid plan that comes with unlimited aliases as well as simple PGP encryption of emails. If you choose to use the latter option, your payments will be sorted and will be assigned a unique identifier and will therefore be distinct from the other account information.


  • Guarantees Privacy
  • Automatically deleting user information after the session
  • User data is encrypted on the server-side
  • It supports IMAP as well as SMTP protocols


  • It does not provide a free user account.
  • Users’ IP address is displayed on the Internet for three days
13. CounterMail

With more than a decade of use, CounterMail gets recognition as an alternative to Gmail. It is, however, to be a little outdated and could use some improvements to its user interface. Even with these flaws, it has the most robust encryption to keep the user’s data safe and secure.

This email provider makes use of OpenPGP and blends it with a No-Logs Policy to ensure greater security and privacy. This is in contrast to Gmail.

Through its servers located in Sweden, the company abides by European countries that have strict privacy laws guaranteeing the security of your data.

CounterMail is also equipped with an integrated password management tool as well as additional security layers with advanced capabilities.

The email service comes with an affordable plan that includes 4GB of storage space. It also accepts the use of digital payments that ensure you stay completely in the dark.


  • Secure encryption of user data
  • Supports OpenPGP
  • No-logs policy
  • Built-in password manager


  • The cost of services is prohibitive.
  • Storage is limited
  • Old user interface

Bottom Line

Gmail has many privacy concerns that make users question the reliability of the email service provider and prefer safe alternatives.

Fortunately, regardless of your requirements, a variety of alternatives to Gmail are in place now that you can utilize in 2023 for an experience that is unique in emailing.

The email service mentioned above will help keep your email secure. Take a look at these options if want safe and secure email services.

If you do use an VPN to secure your privacy while using Google’s email service using these solutions can take you one step ahead in terms of email security.